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Melbourne and regional Victoria offer high quality, safe student accommodation in a range of settings, from the cosmopolitan inner city living to leafy garden suburbs and beautiful regional centres.

Temporary Accommodation

Temporary or short term accommodation is a good option when you first arrive in Australia. This gives you time to explore living options, and find the right place to live.

Before you arrive it is a good idea to book short term accommodation. This allows you time to look for permanent accommodation so that you can choose something that is best for you.

Many universities in Melbourne and regional Victoria have Housing Officers or residential services that you can call or email for information even before you arrive.

Once you arrive you could book an appointment to meet with campus advisors who will go through your options.

Budget accommodation - Hostels

There are hostels around Melbourne and Victoria that offer cheap, short term accommodation. Most have a mix of private rooms and dormitory style accommodation.

These websites allow you to compare hostels by price and read reviews:

Discounted online rates - hotels

You can access cheaper hotel rates by booking online, if you book close to the time of your departure:

Luxury hotels and accommodation

High end hotels and accommodation can be booked through the sites listed above. Also refer to these links:

Rental Accommodation

Living with locals is a great way to experience Australian culture firsthand and is often more affordable than living on campus. Renting a place means you select the location, people, furniture, food and internet connection.

However you also organise and pay for these things yourself. Expect to pay anywhere between $150 to $300 a week for rent, depending on how many people you share with and where you live. Utilities such as gas, electricity and water bills are not usually covered in rental costs.

Most places require an upfront security payment, often called a bond. This is generally the equivalent of one month’s rent and is used in case you cause any damage to the property.

You may also be eligible to buy a property while studying and living on a student visa.

The free RentRight app is a useful resource and provides information and tools to help renters in Victoria manage their tenancy.

Student Accommodation

Student accommodations are an excellent option for those looking to live near to or on campus, with the independence of having one’s own apartment plus the ease of an inclusive housing plan.

Most offer a private or twin room with a shared kitchen and bathroom.

Rooms are often fully furnished with a bed, mattress, wardrobe, study desk and chair and include access to common rooms, laundry facilities and internet.

Some provide a regular cleaning service, on-site staff and social activities. Costs vary but generally expect to pay between $200 and $500 a week including utilities and sometimes internet.

There’s a real emphasis on community within student apartments and accommodation, with some housing over 400 students.

You won’t have to worry about furnishing your place or organising utilities, and you can live to your own schedule.

Living with a family

A homestay involves an international student living with a family in their home. Arranging a homestay will give you a family support network ready to introduce you to Australian society.

Depending on the family you stay with, the facilities will vary, but you’ll certainly get your own furnished bedroom. Most meals are provided, as well as internet and setting up of utilities or phone lines. Household cleaning is covered but you will be expected to keep your own room tidy.

Living with a family will cost between $250 and $300 a week, dependant on facilities, location and the number of meals you are provided.

You will be living with a family, so you will not have the levels of responsibility or freedom of the other options. The homestay may be further away from campus than the alternatives.

Help & Advice

The Study Melbourne Student Centre staff can provide information, professional support and referral to local services and community resources.

Compare prices across a few providers as they can vary. If you need further assistance contact the student organisation at your university or TAFE, or contact the Tenants Union of Victoria.

For advice on goods, services and your rights, you can also visit Consumer Affairs Victoria or download the RentRight app

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