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Public transport

A new discount scheme for annual myki tickets is starting in 2015 - see below for details.

A comprehensive transport system of trams, trains and buses (public transport) lets you easily travel around Melbourne.

Public Transport Victoria is the contact for information on public transport in Victoria.

Use the journey planner to work out the best route for your regular journeys to study or work. Most transport services end around midnight, although special night buses service many areas.

A myki card lets you travel on any mode of public transport around Melbourne and on regional trains and some buses.

The transport network is divided into two zones, representing inner (zone 1) and outer (zone 2) Melbourne.


Myki (pronounced 'my-key') is a travel card that lets you travel on trains, trams and buses. The cost of the fare depends on how far you travel and on the time it takes you to travel.

Transport users will first need to buy a myki card ($6 full fare) which you keep and add money to as you need it.

You can purchase a card:

  • Online at
  • At some metropolitan train stations
  • Almost 800 retail outlets (including 7-Eleven)
  • From a myki machine (full fare only) at all metropolitan train stations, some tram stops and bus interchanges.
  • The myki discovery centre at Southern Cross Centre
  • A regional myki retail outlet

When you add money, you should work out which is the best of these two options for you:

  1. myki money (A$ amount) which means that you ‘pay as you  go’ – this option is good if you take multiple trips at different times of the day, throughout the week
  2. myki pass (travel days). This option is best for those who travel regularly.

To add monetary value to the card, use:

  • a myki machine (located at some tram stops and train stations)
  • the ticket seller using cash or credit cards
  • the call centre using your credit card (call 13 6954)
  • online using electronic funds transfer, or your credit card

How to use myki

  1. 'Touch on’. Touch your myki card to the centre of the card reader at the beginning of your trip. Listen for the beep and the green light to indicate you have touched on.
  2. ‘Touch off' at the end of your trip by holding your card at the centre of myki reader, so that myki can calculate your fare.
  3. Myki will automatically deduct the fare cost from your myki card. Your  myki account balance is displayed on the screen when you touch on or off using the myki reader or by checking the value on a myki machine.

Remember: Always ‘touch on’ and ‘touch off’ for each journey on train, tram or bus. Travellers without a valid myki may be fined.

Discounts for International Students

A new 50 per cent discount on an annual public transport ticket will be available to eligible international students in Victoria from 2015.

If you are an international student enrolled in and studying either a full-time undergraduate course (Bachelor Degree or Associate Degree) or a higher VET course (Advanced Diploma or Diploma) at a participating institution, you will be eligible to purchase a discounted annual ticket.

This new public transport scheme is a three year trial to provide international students with access to trains, trams and buses across Melbourne’s public transport network.

Victoria’s scheme will be available in all metropolitan travel zones and within regional areas, including Zone 1 only, which covers inner Melbourne.

For more information on this discount, including a fact sheet, visit the Public Transport Victoria website.

If you have more questions on the annual public transport ticket, email Study Melbourne at

Concession Cards

If you are an international students studying in Victoria as part of a recognised exchange program, or have refugee status or have an Australian Development Scholarship, you may be eligible for a Public Transport Student Concession Card.

If you fall into one of these categories, contact your education provider for more information or visit

Regional Victoria's public transport (V/line)

Victoria has a network of regional (country area) public transport ( including buses and trains for travel around and between regional towns and for travel to Melbourne.

V/Line is the largest provider of train and bus services and myki and the V/Line ticketing system operates on these services.

Regional train services operate between Melbourne and key regional centres including:

  • Albury / Wodonga
  • Bairnsdale
  • Ballarat
  • Bendigo
  • Echuca
  • Geelong
  • Sale
  • Seymour
  • Shepparton
  • Swan Hill
  • Traralgon
  • Warrnambool

You can plan your journey and book your V/Line trip online.

Getting to and from Melbourne International Airport


A regular bus operates between Melbourne Airport (Tullamarine) and Southern Cross Station in Melbourne’s city centre. SkyBus runs every 10 minutes during peak times and no bookings are required. Tickets can be bought online before you travel and are valid for three months from the date of purchase.

From Southern Cross Station you can catch trains and buses to a number of destinations around Melbourne and rural Victoria. Some tram services also stop outside this station.


Taxis are located outside main Melbourne Airport entrances. Special taxi queuing areas are marked. Taxis are registered and operate within strict guidelines. They use a ‘flagfall’ or initial charge and then charge per distance at set fees. An online fare calculator can help you estimate the cost of taxi travel to and from the airport.

Additional information

Journey Planner

Travel by public transport

Fare estimator

Estimate your taxi fare based on pick-up and drop-off points anywhere in Victoria

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