When we spoke to Mega Safira she was busy studying for exams in her double degree of finance and accounting. Mega is in her last year of her studies, and in her first year of being in Melbourne, having started her degree at Universitas Indonesia in her home country.

The Melbourne University student is ambitious and she was clear about where to complete her degree.

Universities in Melbourne are among the best in the world

‘I knew Melbourne was a very multicultural city and that universities such as Melbourne University are considered among the best in the world. It wasn’t difficult to choose Melbourne as the place to be.’

Even though it was easy to pick Melbourne as her new hometown, the prospect of living far from family and friends seemed daunting.  Adjusting to a new culture and a new way of doing things was also a challenge.

Meeting new people and exploring Australia

‘I used to spend a lot of time with my family, and so to be away from them and having to make my own life is a challenge, but one that I’ve found surprisingly easy to overcome. I try to meet as many new people as possible and have also explored Australia during my semester breaks.

Coming from Jakarta means that I was already used to living in a big city, but I hadn’t lived independently before. I also hadn’t lived in a culture where there’s so much more ‘self-service’. Here I catch public transport, rather than driving in a car. I cook my own meals and organise my own life.’

The new levels of responsibility have also been  highlights of her international student experience.

I try to be the best I can be

‘Here I push myself harder and try to be the best I possibly can be. For me, the best part of my time in Melbourne has been the realisation that I am capable; I can face challenges and I can make my own life.’

Mega has travelled around Australia and Victoria and is looking forward to some more trips during her next 12 months here. While she enjoys exploring the vast country, she doesn’t hesitate to pick her favourite location: Melbourne.

‘I personally think that Melbourne is the best city to live in. It’s safe, easy to get around and its multicultural feel makes it easy to fit in as an international student.’