Vincent Bicudo de Castro: 'Melbourne is a great place to be if education is your focus – higher education is a huge industry and students have access to amazing resources.' See more videos on the StudyMelbourne YouTube channel.

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Vincent Bicudo de Castro's story

Vincent would have never guessed that one day he’d be a celebrated PhD and lecturer at one of Melbourne’s prestigious universities. But that’s exactly what happened to the Brazilian native. Vincent completed his PhD in Accounting at Monash in 2014. In 2015 he received Deakin University’s Vice-Chancellor's Award for Outstanding Contribution to Partnerships, and the Faculty Staff Award for Effectiveness, Excellence and Exemplar Practice in Research.

Australia seemed so far away when I was small

‘I remember learning about Australia on the TV when I was little. It seemed so far away. I didn’t think much of Australia until I got to university and realised that almost all my main references for my master’s research thesis were academics from universities in Melbourne. It seemed natural to apply to complete my PhD here.’

Now a lecturer in Accounting at Deakin University, Dr Vincent Bicudo de Castro couldn’t imagine a better place to be.

If education is your focus, Melbourne is the place to be

‘I come from Rio de Janeiro and while it’s a fantastic city, Melbourne is a great place to settle down. It is also a great place to be if education is your focus – higher education is a huge industry in Melbourne.

Because the city is so focused on and has invested heavily in education, students have access to amazing resources. For instance, all universities have dedicated student support, so that if students have any problems, they have a place to get support. I have had absolutely no regrets or disappointments about the move.’

Exploring Melbourne and Victoria

After almost nine years in Melbourne, Vincent still loves exploring all that the city and Victoria have to offer.

‘I love camping and going on road trips and Victoria is a fantastic place to do that. Most recently I’ve been to Daylesford, Cape Liptrap and visited 90 Mile Beach. Melbourne as a city is fun and very multicultural. When I first came here as a student, I remember thinking that being a student in Melbourne was a bit like being part of the United Nations.’

Melbourne was the right choice – even with cultural adjustments

Moving to Melbourne required a few cultural adjustments such as restaurant closing times, the weather and Melbournians’ obsession with Australian Rules Football and being far from friends and family in Brazil. Still, Vincent has no doubt his decision was the right one.

‘I believe that people who move to another country already have a spark inside them - a spark that drives them to new places. I know I had that spark. I know that I would rather regret the things that I have done, than the things I haven’t done. What absolutely fills me with joy is the thought that I have made the move and succeeded.’