The Virgin Australia Melbourne Fashion Festival (VAMFF) in  March 2017 saw the city turn into a kaleidoscope of design, colour and collaboration.

With the collection of cultures, people and places forming the fabric that is Victoria, it only seemed right that VAMFF celebrate the voices that have crossed seas, hopped on planes and walked a mile to be here. Study Melbourne’s A Stitch in Time, A Place of Mine does just this. Uniting a string of international students from across Victoria, this a runway with a difference because it’s made from just that.

We sat down with Holmesglen international student fashion designer Sajmi Shrestha to learn more about her story ahead of the runway launch on Wednesday 15 March.

Eyes see, hands follow

Sajmi grew up in Nepal surrounded by fashion – her mother was a fashion designer and illustrator. Like mother, like daughter, Sajmi fell for fashion.

'Fashion gives me a reason to be inspired by my surroundings. It adds colour to life and helps me express my individuality so I can fulfil my dreams. This is why I came to Melbourne.'

Melbourne's diversity

It’s been seven years since Sajmi made the move to Melbourne. Inspired by her mother’s work, Sajmi sought to create a creative life of her own and recently completed a Bachelor’s in Fashion at Holmesglen Institute.

'Coming from a landlocked country, I was very excited to experience something different in Melbourne. Diversity, weather, friendly and inspiring people, laneways and art, are all things that mean a lot to me.'

Inspired by the human body

Her work’s influence comes from the human body and its functionality, applying minimalistic principles to explore the complex muscular and nervous systems. These themes of connection and movement carry Sajmi’s work, an idea reinforced through A Stitch in Time, A Place of Mine as a runway uniting the fabrics of the Victorian community near and far.

'I feel honoured and excited to be a part of this show.

A Stitch in Time, A Place of Mine - Sajmi Shrestha, Holmesglen Institute - see more videos from this event.

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A Stitch in Time, A Place of Mine launched on Wednesday 15 March at The Queen Victoria Market Deli Hall. View our videos at A Stitch in Time, A Place of Mine.