White Night Reimagined 2019

Text by Fazil Mohammed

Images by Fazil Mohammed and Visit Victoria

Fazil Mohammed is a Study Melbourne Student Ambassador (for the year 2018-2019).

Light projection on State Library of Victoria

© Fazil Mohammed

Since 2013, White Night – a festival of music, art and light shows - has been lighting up the streets of Melbourne. Renamed as White Night Reimagined for 2019, the festival was revamped to be bigger and better.

Instead of being a single all-nighter, it spread over three consecutive nights (22 to 24 August). In addition, instead of being in the CBD, the festival took place in three Melbourne’s iconic parks: Carlton Gardens, Treasury Gardens, Birraung Marr – all of which underwent a spectacular transformation featuring mind-bending installations and fascinating experiences!

Here are my favourite installations!

1.     Cluster (Treasury Gardens)

White Night Reimagined - Cluster installation

© Fazil Mohammed

An immersive light and sound installation transformed data in real time to create an artistic expression of light and sound. It felt like being in a neon party. This was surely the show-stealer of the evening!

2.     Mad Max Fury Road (Carlton Gardens)

White Night Reimagined - Mad Max Fury show

White Night Reimagined - Mad Max Fury show

© Fazil Mohammed

Given that its description read, “For the first time, the world of Mad Max bursts through the dimension of cinema into the real world”, I went there with high expectations – and was not disappointed!

The show featured the movie’s iconic vehicles, the Doof Wagon, the Gigahorse and Mad Max’s iconic Razor Cola Interceptor across Melbourne Museum forecourt. With acrobatics, fire performances and frenetic drumming, the audience was immersed in the insane world of Mad Max!

3.     Globe (Birrarung Marr)

White Night Reimagined - Globe show

The stunning show pulled in large crowds with its fusion of dance, circus and acrobatics. It was absolutely lit! I was so captivated by it that I never took my eyes off the action throughout the entire 50 minute-show!

4.   The Swan Sisters and The White Knight Messenger (Carlton Gardens)

White Night Reimagined - Swan Sisters show The concept of this show was that the Swan Sisters act as guides to help travellers navigate their way through the Spiritual Realm. Them singing and leading the five-metre-tall White Knight Messenger through the lanes of Carlton Gardens was a feast for the eyes.

White Night Reimagined - White Night Messenger show © Fazil Mohammed

I felt that the White Knight Messenger symbolised peace and unity and the show highlighted how our similarities are more important than our differences. It was certainly inspiring.

Other photos

By Faizal Mohammed

White Night Reimagined - Old Treasury Building show

White Night Reimagined - Awakened installation