Studying in Victoria can be a life-changing experience. It provides opportunities to learn from leading experts, make lifelong friends, and explore one of the world's most exciting and diverse destinations.

There’s more to Victoria than just Melbourne — the beautiful regional city of Geelong is just an hour from Melbourne, and has plenty to offer.

Hajra Bibi is an international student from Pakistan who has been studying a Diploma of Nursing at The Gordon TAFE in Geelong for the past two years.

Hajra recently won free tickets to the famous Australian International Avalon Airshow. We spoke to Hajra to hear her thoughts on her experience at the Airshow, and her time studying in Victoria.

Why choose to Study in Melbourne?

One of the best things about studying in Victoria is the wide range of experiences available to students.

From bustling cities to serene coastal towns, there's something for everyone. For Hajra, studying in Victoria has been a life-changing experience.

In addition to its obvious natural beauty, Victoria offers a world-class education system (Melbourne has been ranked as Australia’s best student city) with a variety of study options to choose from. Hajra can attest to this, having had a wonderful experience at The Gordon TAFE in Geelong.

For Hajra, choosing to study in Melbourne was an easy choice.

"It's the best place," she says. "I highly recommend Melbourne, because it's a great place to visit and live." She particularly loves the weather conditions and traditional restaurant foods that are available in Melbourne.

Hajra’s study experience

One of the things that made Hajra feel warm and welcomed when she first arrived in Melbourne was the safe environment created by her education provider. She finds her study material completely manageable and interesting, and is “very satisfied” with it.

Hajra highly recommends every international student to consider studying in Victoria.

In particular, Hajra chose to study at The Gordon TAFE in Geelong because it offered a Diploma of Nursing, which can provide a pathway to a successful career in healthcare. The course is highly regarded, with experienced and passionate educators who provide a supportive and engaging learning environment.

The Gordon TAFE also offers excellent facilities, including state-of-the-art simulation labs and clinical placements, providing students with valuable practical experience. In fact, The Gordon TAFE was awarded the International Provider of the Year at the Victorian International Education Awards in 2022.

Exciting events: The Avalon Airshow

Through Study Melbourne, Hajra recently won free tickets to the Avalon Airshow and was able to experience the excitement and wonder of this incredible event.

The Airshow is one of the most popular events in Victoria, attracting visitors from all over the world. Hajra was blown away by the incredible skills of the pilots and aircraft workers.

“The pilots and the aircraft workers showed their beautiful skills by making the craft move in different ways." She was particularly moved by the pilots making the aircraft move in a coordinated heart-shaped loop, which she described as "the most beautiful scene for me".

Hajra was also impressed by the diversity of the crowd at the Airshow. She said that "a lot of children and people were there from different cultures, even older and younger people, and everyone enjoyed it!" The Airshow was a perfect representation of the diversity and excitement that studying in Victoria can offer. You can find more great world-class events by connecting with Study Melbourne.

What are some benefits of studying a Diploma?

Hajra chose to study a Diploma of Nursing, but there are plenty of other options available — you can explore your options with our Course Finder.

Here are our top five reasons why studying a Diploma can be a great option:

  1. Diplomas take less time to complete (1-2 years) and can be less expensive than a full-time degree program
  2. Diplomas improve career prospects by enhancing skills, knowledge, and expertise
  3. Diplomas offer flexible study options such as online or part-time study, accommodating individuals with work or other commitments
  4. Students can study subjects most valuable to their career
  5. Diplomas provide a pathway to further education, such as a degree program, and can save time and money by providing credits towards a higher qualification.

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