Study Melbourne Unplugged is a podcast for international students across Victoria.

Listen to the stories behind the international student community in Victoria. Hear as they share their ups and downs, challenges and achievements and advice for all international students. This is a must-listen series for all prospective, current and past students.

Natalia's story

Natalia's story

This experience has made me a stronger person. A strong person. It helped me to know myself. How far I can go and what kind of things I can achieve when I am far away from home.

Natalia, Colombia
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Natalia - Study Melbourne Unplugged
Junyi's story

Junyi's story

Be relaxed and be confident and positive, which I think is very important. Your mum and dad spent a lot of money for you to study overseas. You are also growing up, you are an adult. You have to try and figure out all the problems by yourself. You're not a child anymore, you're not a baby.

Junyi, China
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Junyi - Study Melbourne Unplugged
Courtney's story

Courtney's story

I met a lot of interesting people and asked them why they're coming here and how they survived. And when I look at that, I'm even more inspired and motivated to make a difference.

Courtney, Australia
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Courtney - Study Melbourne Unplugged

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