Clara Hoetzel is an international student from Indonesia. Her volunteer experience gives her skills and practical knowledge that will help her find work in her chosen profession of Event Management. See more videos like this on the Study Melbourne YouTube channel.

Video transcript 

Clara Hoetzel

My name is Clara, and I came from Bali, Indonesia to study in Melbourne.

I chose to study in Melbourne because I fell in love with the diverse culture and the scenery, and the city life is amazing. I really felt at home here.

I'm volunteering for Volunteer Victoria. From the beginning of my bachelors, all the teachers always encouraged us to do volunteering to open up more job opportunities for us, and it's just a great way to network and meet new people. It's helping me a lot to put my theoretical knowledge from uni to apply it in real life and just to see "Oh I actually learnt that. Oh, that's how you actually do it," it's really great.

Roz Wollmering

Volunteering Victoria is really excited about this programme because it's really tapping into a talent base that we feel has so much to offer to Melbourne. And for international students that's often about the practical skills that they will gain through their volunteering. That's of enormous benefit if they're networking for their future professional opportunities, it's a great way to really get some concrete experience.

Clara Hoetzel

I would definitely recommend a life of volunteering for other international students. I just think it's a really positive path towards your career.

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