Melbourne is a thriving hub of innovation and entrepreneurialism, with some of the world’s leading startups headquartered here. To help nurture entrepreneurial excellence amongst Victoria’s international student community, Study Melbourne’s International Student Welfare Program is supporting NexStar PREP: Pathways to Reach Entrepreneurial Potential.

NEXSTAR PREP is a four-month entrepreneurship program for Victorian international students and start-ups. Through networking events, seminars, workshops, a hackathon and mentoring, NEXSTAR aims to nurture entrepreneurial excellence, cultural well-being and enhance social connectivity. NexStar is organised by ACASE, City of Melbourne and PwC, and supported by Study Melbourne.

You can find out more about NexStar here.

Study Melbourne Ambassadors Yi Su and Souphaphone Thoommavongsa recently attended a NexStar workshop on intellectual property (IP) and regulatory environments. Yi was the MC for the event, and they have both provided some insight into the workshop, NexStar and their interest in entrepreneurship.

Yi Su (China), Event MC

NexStar Yi Su

Why are you interested in entrepreneurship?

  1. Everyone should have an entrepreneurship mindset.
  2. By developing an innovative product, or a business, it can help to change society and improve the way of our daily life.
  3. The business world is always fascinating to me since I was a kid from a business family.
  4. It is a tangible way for our ordinary people to change the world.
  5. I believe the skills learnt from entrepreneurship can help our 9-5 jobs a lot.

What was your experience of the workshop? What did you learn, and how will you apply this knowledge in the future?

It was an excellent experience at the workshop. It is the first time I was as an MC at this kind of professional workshop. It is such a good opportunity for me to improve my public speaking skills. I learnt a lot about the IP (Intellectual Property)  rights and how to protect them. Also, the history of Chinese IP. I think it will be beneficial for my future career, either working for a company or my own business. Other peers also told me they were very impressed with the event and valued the opportunity to participate with other students who are interested in developing their entrepreneurial skills and networks for their future careers.

Souphaphone (Nang) Thoommavongsa (Laos)


Why are you interested in entrepreneurship?

I always would like to have freedom of time where I can fully focus on doing what I truly value and live my passionate life…. In order for me to have my ideal life, one of the best options is being an entrepreneur. Apart from that, entrepreneurship is the place where I can explore different ideas, perspectives and creativity. It is the place that I can constantly challenge myself to get out from my comfort zone and unlock my potential. Entrepreneurship allows me to connect with many amazing people who have big vision and prioritise personal development.

Do you have your own business or are you planning to have your own business in the future?

I have started building my own business a while ago. I am very fortunate to have a very supportive business team who invest in me and have my best interest at heart.

What was your experience of the workshop? What did you learn and how will you apply this knowledge in the future?

I absolutely enjoyed the session. Before the education session begun, there was a networking session where I got an opportunity to connect with different entrepreneurs while we enjoyed a free and delicious light supper. On top of that, I also learned about (Intellectual Property) IP and Regulatory Investment especially in Australia and China. The session helped me understand that before investing or inventing any new brands, I definitely have to consult with an expert consultant.