Scholarships, grants and bursaries are some ways to get financial help to complete your studies in Australia.

Depending on the scholarship, financial support may cover tuition, a living allowance or help you pay for some other aspect of your studies.

Some scholarships are offered by universities and other educational institutions. Others are offered by Australian government or businesses.

To apply, contact the organisation offering the scholarship and follow the directions on their application form.

Find a scholarship

The Study Melbourne course finder lets you search for courses, scholarships and places to study.

Search tip

Use the Study Melbourne course finder to search for scholarships.

For information about scholarships for international students in Victoria, visit the scholarship search page on the Study in Australia website.

The Australian government website has information about scholarships, including the Australia Awards (Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade).

International postgraduate research scholarships (IPRS)

Victorian universities offer a postgraduate research scholarship that covers tuition fees and also includes a living allowance, also called a stipend. Find details about this type of scholarship on the scholarships page of the university you are applying to.

Read scholarship conditions carefully

When you find a scholarship that seems to match the type of study you are undertaking, read the conditions carefully. Competition for scholarships can be fierce so you must lodge your application on time and meet all the selection criteria.

Student Story

Chenkai Ma from China was a finalist in the Victorian International Education Awards in 2016. He has received scholarships and a research grant while completing his PhD at the University of Melbourne.