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  • Work with a qualified agent who will provide independent information
  • Read agreements and contracts before you sign and also keep a copy
  • An education may also be able to help you arrange a study tour

An education agent can give you information on studying in Victoria, whether in Melbourne or one of Victoria's regional universities and TAFEs. An education agent can also give you information about course options and help you submit an international application to your chosen institution.

Work with a reliable, trusted agent who meets the highest standards. For example, you could check that the agent is a Qualified Education Agent Counsellor (QEACs) by checking the QEAC database.

If possible, compare more than one agent. This helps you choose an agent that's right for you.

Read the contract before you sign

When engaging an agent, read the contract or agreement carefully before signing. Make sure the agent is clear about costs. Work with an agent who specialises in Australia if you can.

Hint. You should never sign an agreement or contract without reading it first.

Some agents represent an institution

Some agents are paid by one or more institutions. If they are, that might mean they are mainly interested in promoting the institutions that pay them.

If your agent does not charge you a fee it might be because they are being paid by one or two universities. Some agents receive a commission for enrolments.

To be sure you are getting the best advice about all the options available to you, consider working with an agent who is independent.

Study tours

An education may be able to arrange for you to go on a study tour. A study tour is usually a short visit that combines a course and some fun activities that help you learn about Australia. For example an English language study tour might include English lessons in the morning and visits to tourist attractions in the afternoon. Speak to your education agent to find out what's available.

Written agreement to study

You must sign a written agreement with the university or other course provider before you pay any course money. The written agreement includes information about the course you are enrolling in, conditions and fees.

When you work with an education agent they will help you complete and submit the written agreement.

It is very important to read this agreement carefully before signing it. Understand your rights. Check payment and refund arrangements.

Keep a copy of everything you sign

Keep a copy of your education agent agreement and any other documents you sign. If your education agent has not given you a copy of your written agreement agreement, you have the right to ask for it.

Migration advice

Only a Registered Migration Agent can provide migration advice. Some education agents are also Registered Migration Agents.

Do not use education agents for migration advice unless they are Registered Migration Agents.