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Internships are temporary work placements. They are a great way to improve your employment opportunities because they help you develop skills that aren't taught in the classroom. Some organisations offer unpaid internships. Take care to understand the detail before you take up an internship so that you are clear about the terms of the engagement.

Kelsey Wen's story

Kelsey Wen's story

.. one volunteering opportunity can bring you to the next opportunity, even though you don’t know what it is at that moment.

Kelsey Wen, China
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Kelsey Wen MWF Intern

The LIVE program and internships

The Intern component of LIVE focuses on enhancing your employability skills and giving you local experience.

While you are interning you have the chance to establish business networks, gain valuable references and learn what's important in Victorian workplaces.

LIVE shows you how to improve resume and cover letters, apply for jobs and understand industry-specific English. You'll also learn how to connect to internships and volunteer roles.

Live projects

Live Projects offers a three-week program for international students. During the program, student teams act as ‘business consultants’ to work on a real business problem while being supported through a structured program by external mentors.

The business projects are provided by government agencies, business and community organisations, who act as ‘Project Clients’.

Tammy Yang's story

Tammy Yang's story

This three weeks of Live Projects could be the best part of my summer

Tammy Yang, China
See Tammy Yang's story
Tammy Yang on grass lawn with friends

Three-week real world business projects for international students. During the project, student teams act as ‘business consultants’ to work on a real business problem while being supported through a structured program by external mentors. See more videos on the Study Melbourne YouTube channel

What to consider 

When deciding whether to be an intern, understand what your rights are. Ask what the role involves. The purpose of work experience or internship to give you work experience. If it seems like the role involves you doing work to help with the ordinary operation of the business, then it may actually be a job, which means you'd have a right to employee entitlements.

Read more on the Work experience and internships page on the Fairwork website.

Check if your visa permits you to intern

There are several student and work visas that allow international students to intern in Australia.

Different conditions may apply, including:

  • how many hours a day/week you can intern
  • whether you can earn money as an intern.

Read more on the Student visa conditions page on the Department of Home Affairs website.

How to find an internship placement

Your university or college may have an internship program. If they do, that's a great place to start because they understand your industry.

Some private recruitment and internship placement firms help international students find internships.


Private recruitment firms often charge a fee to arrange internships. If you decide to use a private firm check if they charge fees.