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  • The Lead component of LIVE is for students in the final two years of their study
  • Study Melbourne Ambassadors
  • We're planning special programs to help leaders learn about governance and volunteer management

Study Melbourne Ambassadors

In 2018 Study Melbourne ambassadors help to organise student events, programs and initiatives. They also contribute to our social channels, represent Study Melbourne at official functions, and share their experience, knowledge and insights with the international student community.

Read more about the Study Melbourne Ambassadors.

Employability skills

In partnership with Navitas Professionals, Study Melbourne is offering a range of employability skills activities during 2018.

Check our events listing page to see upcoming workshops, webinars and one-on-one sessions.

The Lead component of LIVE

‘Lead’ is about the final two years of your student journey.

The Lead component of the LIVE program offers international students opportunities to develop leadership, governance and advocacy skills.  

Whether you are already a student leader, an entrepreneur or aspiring to be one - LIVE offers programs to explore your leadership potential.

As the year goes on, LIVE will continue to offer ways to develop your leadership skills, cross-cultural communications, personal branding, professional development and team-building.

We're planning special programs  on governance and volunteer management training for committees of student groups. These programs will help leaders meet the needs of the members of their student groups.