The Study Melbourne Future Founders Venture Scholarship is the only international student focused initiative in Victoria that provides seed funding for entrepreneurship ventures.

The Venture Scholarships offer international students, who are leading new business ventures, with startup funding, a StartSpace Loft membership and one-on-one coaching and mentoring opportunities.

Inspiring Chats

Inspiring Chats is a platform that empowers engagement, collaboration, and learning within communities and organisations, by facilitating meaningful connections at scale.  Inspiring Chats is solving the problem of silos and disconnection, as we are transitioning towards remote/hybrid ways of working and living.

As an international student/alumni, as well as a migrant entrepreneur, Inspiring Chats' co-founder Eugenia Yuan experienced the challenge of networking herself - She is passionate about helping people connect and find a sense of belonging, and she looks forward to meeting and supporting like-minded peers along her founder journey.

Eugenia Yuan
Co-founder, Inspiring Chats

Eugenia Yuan is a former international student from China who studied at Monash University. Eugenia is a co-founder of Inspiring Chats.


Stint is an online community and platform dedicated to helping international students build a career in Australia. Our mission is to deliver a better future for international students. To do this, we offer a range of services to support international students in their job-searching journeys.

We have built a community of current international students, former international students now working in Australia, recruiters, employers, and other supporters - from an in-house migration agent to trained psychologists. Our community acts as an ecosystem that provides students with both professional and personal support.

Alongside this, Stint also operates as a platform that bridges the gap between international students and employers. Our job board is curated specifically for international students - listing roles that they are actually eligible for (ie. without Australian citizenship/PR requirements). We also provide comprehensive recruitment services to help employers connect with driven, talented international students.

At its core, Stint works to support and advocate on behalf of international students. We are here to provide students with a holistic support system, and highlight their value to governments, universities, employers and the broader Australian public. We believe that anyone, regardless of citizenship status, deserves a fair chance at a future working in Australia.

Hui Hong Koh
Co-founder, Stint

Hui Hong Koh is a former international student from Malaysia who studied at University of Melbourne and is a co-founder of Stint.

Enya Loo
Co-founder, Stint

Enya Loo, originally from Singapore is a current international student who is studying at University of Melbourne and is a co-founder of Stint.

Nathan Lee
Co-founder, Stint

Nathan Lee is a former student from University of Melbourne and is a co-founder of Stint.


A biotech start-up focused on restoring brain function following brain injuries by implanting specialised cellular structures called brain organoids (BOs) without invasive open skull surgery.

Brain injuries are unexpected and caused by accidents or trauma, lead to lifetime disabilities that cause a severe socio-economic burden across the globe. The available pharmaceutical and physical therapies are not long-term solutions, thus there is a significant demand for a disruptive cure for brain injuries.

With the BO technology, Neurogen's approach overcomes the drawbacks of stem cell therapies and silicon brain chip implants by providing value through a one-time treatment with higher efficiency, higher safety, and personalised medicine approaches. While the therapy is initially focused on traumatic brain injuries, the team aims to expand the therapy to other brain injuries, including post-stroke injuries, neurodegenerative disorders (Alzheimer’s Disease, Parkinson’s Disease), and neurodevelopment disorders (Autism).

Neurogen's vision is to build a future where brain injuries are no longer a concern and bring hope to people's lives “because everyone deserves a healthy brain”.

Ruwini Cooray
Founder, NeuroGen

Ruwini is an international student from Sri Lanka and is currently studying at Deakin University. Ruwini is the founder of NeuroGen.


TENSible is a pain assistant in the form of a wireless adhesive patch that offers a drug-free and personalised pain relief alternative using electrical stimulation. Using biosensors and user feedback on an integrated app, the device learns to adapt stimulation parameters to the user’s specific needs using machine learning for personalised pain relief outcomes. Users gain insights into their pain trends and patterns, empowering them to manage their own pain.

Sean Dominique
Co-founder, TENSible

Sean Dominique is a former international student from France who studied at University of Melbourne. Sean is a co-founder of TENSible.

Yuen Victoria Shi
Co-founder, TENSible

Yuen Victoria Shi is a local student who studied at University of Melbourne and is a co-founder of TENSible.

Electrify Infinite

Electrify Infinite is a B2C SaaS solution that is dedicated to promoting sustainable transportation and facilitating its wider adoption. By removing roadblocks and empowering users to make cleaner and smarter choices, Electrify Infinite is paving the way towards a more sustainable future.The platform is designed to accelerate the transition to a greener, cleaner world, without compromising on convenience or efficiency.

Abhishek Kansakar
Founder, Electrify Infinite

Abhishek, originally from Nepal, is a former international student from University of Melbourne and the founder of Electrify Infinite.