Hoodic (previously named Peer Camp) is supported by Study Melbourne through the International Student Welfare Program (ISWP) to help international students become leaders and to help them achieve their professional goals in Victoria.

  • Learn how to get a job faster
  • Learn where your skill gaps are now so you can save time, before it's too late
  • Learn how to overcome the challenges faced by a lack of local experience
  • Become more resilient and learn how to build local career support
  • Learn how to greatly reduce your job competition by understanding how to build quality connections.

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About the Eastern Innovation Business Centre

The Eastern Innovation Business Centre was funded under Category 2 of the International Student Welfare Program

The EIBC project, "Lead. Learn. Thrive." will be delivered in conjunction with Hoodic (formerly Peer Camp) to support 100 international students through a serious of workshops designed to demonstrate how to communicate with business and each other. 

Leadership training is then provided to 20 students, and connects them with businesses in their field of study to discover what they want/need. 

This conference is the culmination of the project, and provides an opportunity to participating students to share what they've learned.