International Students’ Accommodation Legal Service

If you are an international student living in Melbourne and paying for accommodation, you have the same rights and obligations as everyone else living in Victoria. This includes:

  • what you need to do when it comes to paying a bond
  • the minimum standards to expect of a rooming house and its rooms
  • what to do if there is a problem with where you are staying.

Our International Students’ Housing and Accommodation Legal Service is a free, confidential and independent legal service, provided by lawyers, to help international students.

Please call 1800 056 449 to make an appointment.

Also available:
Every Friday

Service providers

Are you an Victorian education support specialist who assists international students? The International Students Accommodation Legal Service also provides free general legal information by phone to education providers.

This service is suitable for workers who want answers on:

  • Frequently asked questions from their student cohorts;
  • Which students will be covered by which laws and legislation;
  • Upcoming changes to Victorian residential tenancy law.

To organise a phone appointment, please contact West Justice on 03-9749-7720 or