Your personal brand is you skills, personality traits, attitudes and values all packaged up. It’s how you showcase yourself on a regular basis in a professional and personal sense.

Defining and refining your personal brand, and then how you implement it can be a huge factor in the roles you land, how employers view you in interviews and how you fit into the workplace.

So, how do you ensure your stand out? In this online workshop you will learn:

  • A clear understanding between career and brand
  • Understand what your personal brand is
  • How to showcase your personal brand
  • Personal development tools
  • How to take yourself to market
  • Important tips

About Study Melbourne Career Catalyst

Study Melbourne Career Catalyst, a Victorian government program delivered by InternMatch, is a comprehensive employability and career development program, empowering international students to unleash their career potential as the next generation of global talents and business leaders in Victoria.