One of the biggest concerns for new international students is how to start their new life in Melbourne in the best possible way, especially building a new support network that allows them to grow and thrive in a new city.

In this event, we invite current international students and alumni to share their real-life experiences: how they settled into their new life, what support means for them and where they can find the support they need: student clubs/associations, local community groups, sports and work colleagues.

Join our events to hear from student leaders and alumni who will share their experiences of adapting to university and academic life, including how to get connected to social clubs/student associations.

The panel discussion is insightful and engaging, with available door prizes for attendees. The event is held at Study Melbourne Student Centre, a Victorian government and Study Melbourne’s initiative, which has been reopened recently.

The Study Melbourne Student Centre provides free help and advice to all international students in Victoria with a range of enquiries including financial hardship, accommodation, wellbeing and mental health support, employment programs, legal information and education provider problems.