Learn how to prepare for a job interview

Interviews are scary. Sitting on a chair in front of a panel, feeling like there’s a spotlight shining on you, where every word you say and move you make is noted down, and you need to convince someone to pay you for your skills. This is a lot of pressure to face, especially if you have to do it in your second language.

Our workshops will teach you how to sell yourself and excel in these high-pressure situations. First you will learn all the skills you need to thrive in an interview, such as presenting yourself well (first impressions matter!) and describing your achievements both briefly yet thoroughly. Then, it’s time to practise. Gain the advantage as our experts put you through mock interviews and give you feedback to take to your next interview.

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Upcoming workshops:

Nov 16th – Interview Preparation Workshop

Learn how to nail your next job interview.

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Delivered in partnership with Outcome.Life, our program supports and empowers students with the right skills to excel in the job market.