This February, we are amplifying future females’ voices.

In this Find Your Voice workshop, participants will learn why effective presentation is valuable in their professional career from public speaking experts.

Throughout the session, you will learn to convey your ideas effectively, understand your audience, master a presentation, and practise to gain confidence.

At Future Female, we design workshops that target the needs of international students, to boost your career readiness and promote the messages you want to share.

In this workshop, participants will learn about the value of a good presentation, tips on conveying their ideas effectively, and practice becoming confident in presenting in front of an audience which includes:

  • Why is presentation skills key in your career?
  • What can be achieved through presentation and public speaking
  • What are the key components of an effective presentation?
  • How to overcome the fear of public speaking as an international student
  • What are the preparations required ahead of a presentation?
  • How you should structure your presentation
  • When does persuasion play a role, and what are the key skills required?

What key techniques can you develop and practice to master a presentation?

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