It can be challenging to discuss the topic of racism when the space and people around you does not support the discussion, however we know that racism still impacts on your wellbeing and is a barrier to your full belonging in Australia.

The workshop aims to support you to develop effective communication skills to challenge racism, express disapproval and express your needs assertively on the spot.

Who is suitable for this workshop:

  • anyone who has experienced racism
  • direct witnesses to racism
  • indirect witness to racism (eg. hear incidents through friends or media)
  • anyone who has been involved in arguments or conflicts with others who disagree with you on racism

About Resilience Against Racism

Everyone deserves to belong. Whether you are a recently arrived international student who is living and studying in Australia temporarily or an Australian of different cultural backgrounds, every person regardless of race and religion deserves to feel belong in Australia. However, according to the Scanlon Foundation Mapping Social Cohesion report, 1 in 5 people experience racism in the community. In these few months since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, we have seen more racist sentiments towards people of Asian appearance.

Resilience Against Racism (RAR) aims to help individuals build personal and community resilience to cope with such adversaries. RAR will feature a series of evidence-based and practical workshops facilitated by culturally diverse organisational psychologists for people who may have experienced racism themselves, a direct witness or indirect witness to racism. Designed by people with lived experiences and culturally diverse social innovators, RAR is a unique approach to empowering individuals and communities to combat racism and strengthen their self-confidence and sense of belonging.



  • 曾经历种族歧视的人
  • 曾直接目睹种族歧视的人
  • 间接见证种族歧视的人(例如通过朋友或媒体听到事件)


无论您是刚到澳大利亚临时居住或者是国际学生,每个人,无论种族和宗教信仰,都有权感到自己属于澳大利亚。但根据Scanlon Foundation Mapping Social Cohesion报告,每5个人中就有1个人在社区中遭受种族歧视。自从COVID-19肺炎开始以来的这几个月中,我们已经看到了更多针对亚洲人的种族主义情绪。

Resilience Against Racism (RAR)的目的是帮助个人建立个人和社区的抵御能力,以面对种族歧视。 RAR将举办一系列工作室,这些工作室专门为经历或直接/间接地目睹种族歧视的人而举办的。目的是帮助增强自信心和归属感。