Dreamy Soul

There was a soul in this huge world that was living in one of their little points. In that place she was born, raised and grew up surrounded by her beautiful family, friends and people she met along her path.

The soul was grateful and satisfied with all the things she has learnt so far. One day, the soul started to think about the dream she has dreamed of since she was young.

Days, hours, minutes and seconds passed, and she was wondering what should she do? She began to look for answers, because she thought is better to try than be regretful.

The chosen city to make true a childhood dream was located in other country and continent fifteen hours ahead in the near future. The city known for being one of the best places to live in the entire world, for its multicultural and friendly people and extraordinary scenery, was the choice of the dreamy soul.

The soul arrived in an autumn morning, while a vivid sunrise was telling her ‘welcome to Melbourne’, receiving and showing her their magnificent gardens, splendid buildings and architecture, relaxed and secure lifestyle. The dream started to become reality.

Winter came for the first time to the life of the dreamy soul, as she was meeting new, beautiful and interesting people, with different cultures from around the world, realising that Melbourne allows experiencing pieces of several countries at the same time, in one unique place.

In a winter afternoon, when she was walking along a place called Brighton Beach, the cloudy sky was not a good sign, suddenly at the time of the sunset, sun appeared with all its splendour, exhibiting a resplendent yellow light step by step, like in a dance, changing and increasing the intensity of its colour, turning to a mixed of yellow, orange and red. That colourful picture went through the soul’s eyes as fire, touching the deepest part of her so that a tear went out, the dreamy soul exclaimed in happiness ‘I can see and feel your peaceful love in this place, thank you for bringing me here to fulfil a dream’.

Karlin Vahos' story was a finalist in the English Language Training Category: By students studying to improve their English.