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  • Visit us as soon as you arive
  • Free welcome pack for students

Visit the Student Welcome Desk at Melbourne Airport when you arrive, for information and advice. 

The Student Welcome Desk is sponsored by the Victorian government through Study Melbourne and hosted by the City of Melbourne. Friendly staff and volunteers answer your questions and will provide you with free information, advice and a Welcome Pack.

Desk location and opening hours

Find the Student Welcome Desk at Travellers Information Service in the International Arrivals Hall - in Terminal 2 at Melbourne Airport 

The Student Welcome Desk is open from 7am to midnight every day of the week.

Friendly staff to answer your questions

Staff at the student welcome desk can help with questions about transport to Melbourne or your university, college or school and options for temporary accommodation.

Free welcome pack

When you visit the Student Welcome Desk the staff will give you a free welcome pack full of great information to get you started on your journey in Melbourne, including:

  • travelling around Melbourne and to and from the airport
  • major cultural and sports events
  • employment, taxation and banking
  • renting and accommodation
  • consumer rights
  • safety and emergency information
  • places to visit
  • places to shop, eat and entertainment.

International Students Welcome Desk. This video is also available in other languages. Check the City of Melbourne Student Welcome Desk page to see more.

Additional help and support

Once you've arrived in Melbourne and started your studies there are so many places to get information, help and support. No matter where you study, or how long you've been in Melbourne, we're always happy to hear from you.  

Study Melbourne Student Centre

Drop in to the Study Melbourne Student Centre in Melbourne's CBD. The centre provides free information, advice and support service specifically for international students.

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