In June 2019, these projects were funded as Category 2 - Wellbeing Partnership Activities.

NEXSTAR PREP: Pathways to Reach Entrepreneurial Potential

Australia-China Association of Scientists and Entrepreneurs

NEXSTAR PREP is a four-month entrepreneurship program for Victorian international students and start-ups. Through networking events, seminars, workshops, a hackathon and mentoring, NEXSTAR aims to nurture entrepreneurial excellence, cultural well-being and enhance social connectivity. Students are matched with start-up founders, mentors and specialists whose expertise facilitates work on real start-up solutions. Participating students will then be invited to become part of the local start-up community as valued contributors. Topics to be covered include cross-cultural business, investment protocol, branding, IP protection, business model practices and market research, pitch development, and disruptive technologies.

Melbourne “IS” Badminton Program

Badminton Victoria

The Melbourne International Student “IS” Badminton Program provides weekly badminton sessions for international students across 2019 and  2020. Each session comprises a one-hour coaching program to teach basic badminton skills and one hour of playing time. Students also have an opportunity to be involved in organising social and competitive games to develop their organisational and leadership skills.

batyr International


batyr is a ‘for purpose’ preventative mental health organisation created and driven by young people, for young people. batyr is trialling a new approach for their existing mental health program that is tailored specifically to the needs of international students. Facilitated sessions will break down the stigma of mental health, suicide and help seeking. The project also includes a speaker training program to engage with the international student community in Melbourne. Speakers will be deployed into schools to support other students through positive peer to peer conversations about mental health and accessing student support services, GPs and counselling.

International Students Football Program 2019

City in the Community

This program builds on the 2018 academy program. The 2019 program aims to create more opportunities for international students to play football, connect with the wider community and undertake personal development and health education opportunities. In 2019 the program includes a focus on mental and sexual health. City in the Community is delivering a range of regular football sessions, special events, and opportunities to be involved in club activities, including game day. Students participating in the program also receive vital information and referral in key health areas from their coaches and peer leaders.

A diverse team from Victoria Police recently took to the field against international students from La Trobe and Swinburne universities in a soccer game at Melbourne City Football Club (MCFC) in Bundoora, to strengthen lines of communication and foster relations. View more videos on the DJPR YouTube channel.

An inclusive approach to international student wellbeing and success

Deakin University – Warrnambool Campus

This project will deliver a range of employment focused initiatives, including individual support to enhance opportunities for students to find work in Warrnambool. Training is also being offered to obtain certification, including Responsible Serving of Alcohol and Food Handlers certificates. The project will deliver an inclusive program to foster meaningful engagement between domestic and international students and the Warrnambool community. Planned activities include regional tours, an Australian BBQ experience, and an international student and family event.

Guide to Best Practice in International Student Safety

English Australia

This project involves the development of a handbook towards best practice in international student safety. The Guide will include background on the safety issues faced by international students and the frequency of their occurrence; identify the key student safety policies, procedures and solutions already in place; and highlight existing international student safety services that can be accessed by students and institutions.

Online Sexual Health Education for International Students

Family Planning Victoria (FPV)

FPV is creating an online sexual health education course for international students. The course will benefit international students with limited knowledge of reproductive and sexual health who also face challenges navigating their insurance in a foreign healthcare system. The course will also address language and cultural barriers to accessing sexual and reproductive health information.

Consumer Protection and the National Code: Empowering international students


This project will develop a product to enhance international students' understanding of, and ability to work with, the ESOS National Code 2018. The Code sets nationally consistent standards and procedures for registered education services providers. Development of this product involves face-to-face workshops across both Melbourne and regional Victoria. Workshops will identify the key elements and issues of the National Code that impact on students, with project teams then formed to focus on the identified issues.

Project Global Citizen Cultural Competency Accelerator Program

Melbourne Polytechnic

Project Global Citizen offers a new approach for international students, similar to business on-boarding. This six-month program includes workshops delivered through online support and cultural resources. A focus for the program is to address intercultural gaps in academic and social integration. The program is designed for recently arrived international students across the Higher Education and VET sectors.

International Student Volunteer Engagement Program 2019

Melbourne Writers Festival

This program includes a targeted international student recruitment campaign for the Melbourne Writers Festival Volunteers Program; exposure to festival experiences with Australian writers, thinkers and cultural leaders; and a dedicated volunteer briefing event for international students at the State Library of Victoria. During the Festival, international students will also access a dedicated social event and receive a Festival Pass, providing them with free entry to all standard festival events.

Learn and Connect through Arts and Culture Experiences

Monash University

Monash University is delivering an activity program for the Mornington Peninsula international student community. The project includes a range of volunteer work experience opportunities in arts, culture and tourism, as well as a range of live and interactive experiences. The program aims to help international students build employment knowledge and skills through volunteer work experience opportunities. Participants will understand and experience diverse aspects of Australian culture through arts and tourism events.

Stories of Korean International Students

Organisation of Korea Festival

Stories of Korean International Students consists of focus groups to identify the specific challenges and difficulties encountered by Korean students in Victoria. Based on themes identified in the focus groups, half-day workshops will empower Korean international students through listening, sharing wisdom and experience. Korean students are being recruited to share their stories and groups will be organised according to their topic preference. Information about available support services will be distributed at the end of the workshop, along with a Certificate of Participation.

Beyond Melbourne Ambassadors Project


The Beyond Melbourne Ambassadors Project is a student-led initiative for international students to  plan and participate in cultural explorations throughout regional Victoria. The project aims to boost student confidence and develop a number of key employability skills, including leadership, communication, creativity and collaboration.

Work well learning consortium

Swinburne University of Technology

This project will develop new educational materials and workshop content for arriving international students to educate them on work rights, road safety, business and legal rights. Specific topics include knowledge of taxation, insurance, reporting obligations, occupational health & safety, and Australian road laws.

International Student Housing and Mental Wellbeing

Victoria University

This is a research project focusing on the mental wellbeing challenges faced by international students in single unit apartment, private rental accommodation in Melbourne’s CBD and West. Small focus groups will identify thefactors that contribute to international student’s experiences of mental ill-health, and facilitate support for those at risk.

The Glo Project 2019

Victorian TAFE Association

The Glo Project has been designed to match international and domestic students with the vibrant start-up community in order to build global connectedness. Participants will be educated on global entrepreneurship and thinking. Students will benefit from the development of entrepreneurship skills, while start-ups get to test their business ideas with global consumers without having to leave home.

Melbourne's West "Hanging Local" Campaign

Western Melbourne Tourism

This project will develop a video to promote Melbourne’s west as a visitor destination for students, as well as visiting friends and relatives. The video will encourage current and prospective students to experience local attractions and neighbourhoods. The project will also utilise focus groups to  develop resources to help international students plan a visit by friends and family.

International Students Accommodation Legal Service


This project will provide timely and preventative legal advice and assistance and representation to students in adverse housing circumstances to avoid financial loss, homelessness and unnecessary housing stress. The service will improve student’s understanding of their legal rights, and empower students to navigate the housing and accommodation system with confidence. The project will empower international students to represent and advocate for themselves.