In June 2019, these projects were funded as Category 1 - International Student Group Activities.

ASEAN Cultural Gala Night

ASEAN Youth Organisation (AYO)

The ASEAN Cultural Gala Night (Gala) is the first-ever joint collaboration from 6 different ASEAN Student Organisations (ASOs) in Victoria, bringing together ASEAN youth across the state in an evening of food, music and artistic performance. The Gala aims to provide a platform for cultural exchange between the various ASEAN communities and encourage international students to develop friendships outside their usual networks.

Australia-ASEAN Youth Summit 2019

ASEAN Youth Organisation (AYO)

ASEAN Youth Organisation is proposing to organise the Australia-ASEAN Youth Summit 2019.  By offering this event as a platform to network, ASEAN Youth Organisation are promoting friendship and fostering a sense of belonging among the ASEAN community, subsequently increasing the awareness of issues brought up as topics and increasing the outreach of participants for this event.

CISA Executive Induction 2019

Council of International Students Australia (CISA)

This project aims to be a pilot program to normalise and standardise the training procedures of CISA personnel. This activity includes the preparation of training material for executives and volunteers, and delivering workshops for executives during induction in 2019. The training material will be used for years to come, and will be updated as required. This activity will form a basis for a smoother handover between committees and better functioning of the organisation.

Malaysian Aspiration Summit

Malaysian Students' Council of Australia (MASCA)

Malaysian Aspiration Summit is a debate tournament for Malaysian and other international students aimed to encourage engagement in current affairs and public policy in a global context. MASCA will also organise workshops for students to actively  participate and engage in enhancing their debating skills, public policy writing and public speaking skills in the lead up to the debate tournament.

Malaysian Student Welcoming Program

Malaysian Students' Council of Australia (MASCA)

Malaysian Student Welcoming Program aims to assist incoming Malaysian students towards a smooth transition into Victorian study life and to increase their access to support and information services. The project consists of 4 main activities: the Victoria Student Survival Guide Booklet; a Pre-Departure Webinar; the Meet & Greet event; and the Joey Hops Peer Ambassador Program- which includes a Welcoming Party and an Appreciation Party.

Merdeka Festival 2019

Malaysian Students' Council of Australia (MASCA)

Merdaka Festival is a student-organised event dedicated to celebrating the Independence Day of Malaysia, and involves a variety of Malaysian food, as well traditional and cultural performances. The festival serves as a platform to promote the value of patriotism among Malaysians studying abroad. Most importantly, Merdeka Festival aims to promote unity among all Malaysians in Melbourne regardless of age, race or religion.

Volunteer & Skills Expo

Melbourne Polytechnic International Student Association (MPISA)

MPISA will organise a Volunteer and Skills Expo for all international, domestic, newly arrive migrants and refugee students across different campuses and study programs. Many students would like to gain volunteering experience in the community but are unsure where to start, what do they need to do, who should they talk to, what are the requirements. MPISA will organise an expo to connect students with different community organisations through volunteering.

Welcome to Melbourne's North

Melbourne Polytechnic International Student Association (MPISA)

Welcome to Melbourne's North focuses on building the necessary skills and attributes to make a successful transition into Melbourne's North, both socially and professionally. This program is aimed at international students who are beginning their study in Melbourne's North, trying to find a job, friends and a home away from home. It will help students build the foundations of their lives here.

Networking Party

Melbourne Polytechnic International Student Association (MPISA)

MPISA will deliver a Networking Party in semester 2 of 2019. The aim supports one of MPISA’s objectives of providing network building opportunities for members to expand their horizons, reach their potential and promote positive change within the community.