Information for students

Students accessing this page are advised to contact their education provider directly to request up to date training materials.

You can hear a student’s advice via a Podcast on each topic available here as an introduction to undertaking this work.

Students are advised not to draw assumptions from this kit unless the  materials have been updated by a facilitator.

State, Federal and workplace laws, rights and responsibilities are subject to change and therefore you should contact your provider for access to the latest information and direction.

Information for education providers

The following Handbooks, Training Modules and Podcasts form part of a training program designed to be facilitated by Victorian education providers.

Education Providers must ensure that all referenced information is current to State and Federal laws at time of delivery.

Providers can download the podcasts to their student advice pages as a small taste of information to be aware of for student safety and welfare.


Training modules

Developed by Work Well Training Consortium