In June 2020, the following projects were funded as part of the ISWP Stronger Together projects.

Australia Nepal Public Link

Mental Health Program

The project is designed for Nepali international students living and studying in Victoria to develop skills in mental health first aid. Sessions will include information designed to promote further understanding about mental health and mental illness, as well as the professional help available including psychotherapy, counselling and other supports.

Bendigo Kangan Institute

Creating online campus communities for student engagement and wellbeing

The project includes the establishment of an online student community giving international students a digital platform to develop and maintain connections with others, as well as a shared voice for welfare and wellbeing needs. The online program will promote fitness, mental health, mentoring, employability and leadership development skills. The project also involves food rescue package preparation and distribution.

Central Queensland University

Parcel 2 Plate

The project aims to provide direct support for international students by providing fresh food parcels and written resources within a supportive community in which to develop cooking skills. Students will receive a food parcel and be required to prepare a meal from a selection of the provided ingredients.  Students will photograph their cooking journey and upload the album to the Parcel2Plate Facebook Group or hashtag to the Instagram handle #parcel2plate.

Centre for Holistic Health

A Pitstop to Unwind and De-stress

The project aims to increase awareness amongst Chinese international students regarding mental health enabling them to better respond to life challenges whilst studying in Australia. The project will present activities designed to address psychosocial and mental well-being from a cultural perspective and is designed for students in both metropolitan and regional areas

City of Whittlesea

International Students Wellbeing Hub

The project involves the establishment of an international student wellbeing hub to address key issues affecting the international student community, including lack of connection to the broader community and exploitation in the housing market. The hub will also act as a drop-in centre for international students to promote community connection and capacity building. 

Cultural Intelligence

Resilience and Wellness: Coping with Racism

The project is an on-line program designed to support Asian international students experiencing racism during COVID-19. The on-line program is designed to deliver emotional support as well as to provide information about relevant on and off campus support networks.

Deakin University – Warrnambool, Western Victoria

Keeping Connected International Student Engagement Project

The project aims to provide support to international students of Deakin’s Warrnambool campus during the impact of COVID-19 and includes a two phased approach to the delivery of a welfare and community engagement program. Phase one involves virtually connecting Mentors of Deakin with groups of international students, while phase two will transition from a virtual engagement strategy to a face-to-face program.


Project SASS (South Asian Student Support)

The project is designed to assist South Asian international students by delivering culturally appropriate services which will promote knowledge concerning their rights, encourage social connections and develop employability.  The project involves the development of online resources as well as the delivery of a cultural competency training package.


International Student Peer Work Training Package

The project involves the development and delivery of introductory peer work training designed specifically for international students. The project aims to promote awareness and support around mental health, which is a difficult topic for many international students, often resulting in delays in seeking help. 

Tenants Victoria

International Student Tenancy Outreach Program

This project is an outreach service for international students living in rooming houses or similar accommodation, particularly in Melbourne’s north west. The program will provide tailored information to encourage international students to exercise their rights, and provide referrals to other relevant support services, including services offering legal advice.