What the ISWP is for

The International Student Welfare Program is a Victorian Government initiative to fund projects that aim to enhance the experience of international students studying in Victoria.

Since 2014, over 100 amazing projects have been funded. These include:

  • research projects—for instance, to understand international students’ experiences in private rental accommodation; to understand the international student entrepreneur community in Victoria
  • student summits—for instance, a conference focusing on international women studying in Victoria; a forum to develop the leadership skills of student association members
  • wellbeing activities—for instance, a mental health program tailored for international students; activities for students to build connections through sport; an online sexual health education course
  • employability skills workshops—for instance, projects designed to solve real-world business problems; a cross-cultural program to assist students with workplace and social integration
  • educational and support services—for instance, legal advice for work rights and accommodation; a networking party for students to connect with one another and the community.

If you have a great idea for promoting the experience of post-secondary international students, we would love to know about it!

Types of funding

There are two types of funds.

Category 1: International Student Group Activities

For: Student groups or associations wanting to conduct activities to support the wellbeing of post-secondary international students
Funding amount: Up to $5,000
When it is open for application: Twice a year

Category 2: Wellbeing Partnership Activities

For: A partnership (that is, two or more organisations working together) to deliver activities supporting the wellbeing of post-secondary international students. Applicants must make a matching contribution—$1 to every $1 of grant; contributions can be financial or in-kind.
Funding amount: Up to $75,000
When it is open for application: At least once a year

Who can apply

Organisations applying for funding must:

  • be a legal entity and operate in Victoria
  • have an Australian Business Number (ABN)
  • have been operating for at least two years
  • have appropriate insurance cover for the activity being proposed.
  • Organisations include: student groups, student associations, not-for-profit organisations, and businesses.

    When to apply

    Expressions of Interest are now closed.

    Want to know when the next application round is? Email us at: studymelbourne@ecodev.vic.gov.au

    Past projects

    Find out more about the projects funded in previous years:

    June 2020
    June 2019 - Category 1
    June 2019 - Category 2

    October 2018
    June 2018
    January 2018
    2015 and 2016