It’s important to feel confident and safe in the place where you live. Victoria offers a range of accommodation for international students. Depending on your needs and budget, you can choose from managed student accommodation, residential colleges, private rental accommodation, and homestay.

How your institution can help

Many universities, TAFEs and education providers have housing services to help you understand your housing options. You can contact them for advice when you are planning your study in Victoria, and meet with them when you arrive in Victoria. They can explain the different types of accommodation and locations that are close to your place of study.

Accommodation when you arrive

It can take time to find a place to live. You can arrange student accommodation from your home country. If you’re planning to live in a private rental or share house, it’s best to book temporary accommodation, such as a hostel or hotel so that when you arrive you have a place to stay. Once you’re here, you can explore the neighbourhoods, view properties, and choose the best housing for your needs.

Student Accommodation 

Student accommodation is a great way to live in a student community with a mix of local and international students. Apartments are often conveniently located close to campus and offer 24 hour support as well as activities to help you make friends and have a great student experience. Furniture, electricity, gas and wifi are all included in the cost of rent.

Types of student accommodation include university managed accommodation, residential colleges (often associated with a university) and Purpose Built Student Accommodation such as ScapeIgluUniLodgeJournal, Yugo, Amberstudent, Y Suitesdwell and Village Melbourne City.

Contact your education provider for more information.

Accredited Student Accommodation

The National Property Accreditation Scheme (NPAS) is an industry-led program established by the Student Accommodation Association (SAA) to assist international students to identify quality, accredited accommodation for the exclusive use of students. For a property to be NPAS accredited it must meet industry standards with respect to the rooms, facilities, safety, and management. Visit the NPAS website for a list of accredited properties in Victoria.

Private Rental Accommodation

Renting a home or apartment means you choose your ideal location and property. You may choose to live alone or move into an established household and share with housemates. In Victoria most rental properties are unfurnished. You can find rental properties through websites like and Domain


A homestay involves living in the home of another person, or family. A homestay can give you a support network to help you settle into a new country. When you stay in a homestay, you will have your own furnished bedroom and most meals provided.

A homestay costs between $250-$300 a week, depending on the facilities, location, and the number of meals provided. There are a range of private agencies that can match you to a homestay in Victoria.

We encourage students to consider an accredited homestay accommodation option as these properties have been assessed by NEAS to meet a minimum set of industry standards.

Temporary Accommodation

When you first arrive in Victoria, temporary or short term accommodation gives you time to explore permanent living options. Book short term accommodation before you arrive.

Budget accommodation and hostels

Hostels offer cheap, short term accommodation. Most have a mix of private rooms and dormitory accommodation.

Tip: To find out more about hostels and budget accommodation check out websites like YHA Australia

Discounted online rates – hotels

For lower-cost hotels, try booking online on discount accommodation websites. Some websites give discounts for booking in advance, others offer last-minute discounts

Tip: Websites such as and offer advance and last-minute discounts.

Do you need urgent assistance with accommodation?

If you have run out of money and have no place to stay, contact the Study Melbourne Hub to speak confidentially with a team member about your situation. Phone 1800 056 449 or email

Finding accommodation that's right for you

Designed specifically for international students coming to Melbourne, use this tool to discover what kind of accommodation matches your preferences.

Search tips for finding student accommodation

Try searching for phrases like 'student accommodation in Melbourne', join the International Students of Melbourne and Victoria facebook group or visit websites like and