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  • Bicycle road rules
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Cycling is a popular, environmentally friendly and cheap way to travel around Melbourne.

Bicycle road rules

You must wear a helmet and follow the road rules. If you ride at night you must have bike lights.

Read more on the Cyclist safety page on the VicRoads website.

Tip: When you ride a bike in Melbourne and Victoria, ride on the left hand side of the road, obey lights and signs and signal with your arm when turning right or left. If you cycle at night you must have lights on our bike. Consider wearing a high visibility (hi vis) vest.

Cycle paths and shared routes

Around Melbourne, some roads have bike paths clearly marked with a green surface and bicycle symbols to show where they start and finish.

Some paths are for bikes only and others are shared with other vehicles. Look for the bike icon on the path.

In some city parks you are not allowed to ride on the paths.

Read about Using shared paths on the VicRoads website.

Bike clubs

Many universities have cycling clubs for social rides or bike racing. Talk to your student union to find out bicycle clubs and societies on your campus. If you're still planning your study, search the web for bicycle club and the name of your university to see what's available.

Bike trails in Melbourne and regional Victoria

There are many bike trails outside of Melbourne where you can see some of the natural beauty of Victoria including mountain bike riding trails.

Read more and see some beautiful images in the Cycling trails section of the Visit Victoria website.

Find trail maps on the Bicycle and walking route maps page on the VicRoads website.