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Sometimes a taxi, ride share or hire car is the best way to get where you need to go. Many people use this kind of transport for special occasions, at night, in bad weather or if the destination is not close to public transport.


Taxis are also sometimes called cabs. Taxis are yellow or silver. To hire a taxi in Victoria you can make a phone booking, wait at a taxi rank or hail a taxi from the side of the road.

How to tell if a taxi is available for hire

If the taxi's main rooftop light is on it means the taxi is available for hire.

If the light is off it means the taxi is occupied or not taking passengers.

Paying your taxi fare

Taxi fares vary depending whether you are travelling at night or in day time. The fares are higher on public holidays.

You can pay by cash or card.

You may need to pay an extra fee for pre-booking, late night journeys, using a credit card to pay, catching a cab from the airport. If your taxi uses a toll road on the journey you also need to pay the toll.

Read more on the Taxi fares page on the Taxi Services Commission website.

Catching a taxi from the airport

There are taxis outside the main entrances of the Melbourne Airport (Tullamarine).

The cost of a taxi from the airport to Melbourne city centre is around $55 or $60.

All taxis must be registered

All taxis must be registered and the driver must display their identification in the car. Taxi registration plates are numbered from M 0000 to M 9999.

Ride sharing, e.g. Uber

Ride sharing is an arrangement where you travel in a private car driven by the car's owner. This way of travelling is becoming popular in Melbourne.

Book a ride shares using an app or the ride share organisation's website.

Search for ride sharing melbourne to see a list of ride share organisations.

Car sharing

Car sharing allows you to use a borrowed or rented car to drive, for short periods of time - from half an hour to a few days. Some car share organisations are commercial companies. Other organisations are community based.

Visit their websites to find out more about how they operate and how you can register. You will need a valid driver's licence and other identification to register.

Search for car share melbourne to see a list of car share organisations.

Rental cars and trucks

Rental car companies offer cars and small trucks for hire. Some companies offer rental cars for long terms of a month or more.

Search for car rental melbourne to see a list of car rental companies in Melbourne. Rates and conditions may vary so consider checking a comparison site for rates.