Davor Nozinic (Croatia)

IELTS, LAB College

The Victorian educational system, and the associated study streams, have and will guide me to achieve my ultimate personal goals. That goal being, to become a versatile teacher.

Davor has been an IELTS student at the Language Across Borders (LAB) school since September 2018. He recently achieved his desired score and hopes to enrol as a TESOL student and move onto further master’s level studies in secondary teaching. He has been working and contributing to the local community in Melbourne as a junior tennis coach at the Mayor’s Park Tennis Centre in Clifton Hill. By helping children learn tennis skills, Davor says he is giving back to the community in thanks for the personal development he has received in Victoria.

Manami Yoshioka (Japan)

Business English, Language Across Borders

I would like potential students to know that studying English in Victoria can be so enriching. Melbourne is a successful multicultural place, students here have a lot of opportunities to contribute to local communities.

Manami is currently studying Business English at Language Across Borders (LAB) where she has achieved consistently high results across her courses. She hopes to promote international communications and believes her experiences in Melbourne will help her as she develops her career in the future. Manami is getting involved in her local community through volunteering at the unique, pay-as-you-feel restaurant, Lentil as Anything in Abbotsford. Getting involved with local communities and engaging with many people from Australia and the world have helped motivate her in her studies.

Ana Llorente (Colombia)

FCE Cambridge, Impact English College

We have to remind ourselves that we are ambassadors of our countries, and we have to share the best of our culture in a language that is alien to us, making this experience both challenging and unforgettable.

Ana is an Environmental Engineer with a Master of Geomatics who moved to Australia in late 2018.She is currently studying FCE Cambridge (English) at the Impact English College. She has made the most of many opportunities whilst living in Melbourne including volunteering for Friends of the Earth Melbourne, a not-for-profit organisation working on social and environmental issues. She has found strong similarities between her career in Colombia and her new experiences in Victoria and hopes to enrol in a TAFE course in conservation and land management when she completes her current English course.

Jenny Duque (Colombia)          

General English, Impact English College

This experience will change your life because you will be studying in one of the best places in the world and every day you will live new experiences that will make you see your life in a different way … Victoria is the place of open doors, you will always find someone's smile and find someone who is willing to help you in the most difficult moments.

Jenny is currently studying English at Impact English College and has been working towards joining Melbourne’s renowned IT and cybersecurity industry since she moved here. With a career background in IT, cybersecurity and finance, she has lots of experience that has helped her engage and network with professionals in her field. Jenny says that studying English in Melbourne will assist her in achieving her career goals of becoming an industry leader in cybersecurity. She hopes to undertake further study in project management to help achieve these goals.