Katelyn Sutton

Bachelor of Laws / Bachelor of Psychological Science – La Trobe University

Victoria is a beautiful state that provides the best education for all types of international students. International students should know that in Victoria, it does not matter where they choose to study, they will receive a great education and be welcomed with open arms by fellow domestic students and Victorians.

Hailing from Shepparton in regional Victoria, Katelyn is currently studying a Bachelor of Law/Bachelor of Psychological Science at La Trobe University. Her experience living with international students has given her an insight into many of the challenges they face coming into a new environment. With this knowledge, she is excelling in a current position with I-Lead, an international student leadership committee. She has helped the university develop informational videos that connect and support the international student community. Katelyn is also an ambassador for NGV and supported their International Student Night event in March 2019, aimed at connecting domestic and international students.

Josephine Kaldor

Bachelor of Science Advanced - Global Challenges (Honours), Monash University

In Victoria, you are rewarded for trying, being yourself and having a positive and open attitude. A willingness to have a go at something, and even fail at, makes you human. During your study years, it is the safest and most important time to fail fast and learn. Learn what you like, what makes you excited and driven.

Josephine is currently undertaking a Bachelor of Science Advanced – Global Challenges (Honours) at Monash University. She has undertaken a range of volunteer experiences during her studies, including a visit to Indonesia in 2015 to deliver health and hygiene education to primary school students. As an honours student, she is currently working with the World Mosquito Program on a research project. Having her own experiences as an international student contributed to her developing Culture Connect, a platform promoting events, meetups and engagement forums that connect domestic and international students.

Joshua Cook

Bachelor of Arts / Bachelor of Commerce – Deakin University

Victoria is a welcoming, diverse, and exciting place to study at! As the Aussie state of world-class universities, active student communities, and awesome social festivals, there is something for everyone in Victoria. If you’re keen to make new friends, learn about Australian culture, and experience one of Australia’s greatest places – Victoria is ready for you!

Joshua is currently studying a Bachelor of Arts/Bachelor of Commerce at Deakin University. During his studies, he has lived and studied in various places including India, Japan and China, the latter of which was through the Study Melbourne Language and Internship Program. These experiences have helped him develop an internationally-focused mindset which has been confirmed by volunteer experiences at home and abroad. He is currently serving as Deakin University’s first New Colombo Plan (NCP) Ambassador in partnership with the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade and Asialink Business.

Ravini Abey

Doctor of Philosophy (Psychology), University of Melbourne

Victoria is a hub of multiculturalism – there is no other diverse city like Melbourne. Everywhere you walk, you will see someone who looks like you. Come with an open mindset and positive attitude. There are so many opportunities for academic, personal, and professional development. If you are resourceful and tenacious, studying in Victoria will never fail you.

With a unique upbringing across two countries (Sri Lanka and Australia), Ravini empathises with many of the experiences felt by international students in Australia. She is currently undertaking a Doctor of Philosophy (Psychology) at University of Melbourne, which comes after completing Honours research that explore prejudice towards migrants in Australia. Her research seeks to bring together people of diverse backgrounds, and her many volunteer experiences reflect her studies as well. She has volunteered with The Salvation Army, the Starlight Children’s Foundation, the City of Melbourne and the Australia-China Association for Scientists and Entrepreneurs. She has also worked in student services at the University of Melbourne for more than five years.