Chirag Karnawat (India)

Master of Construction Management (Professional), Deakin University

Victoria is loved by students and it has so much to offer. I would encourage international students to explore this state and study, as the Victorian Government has many scholarships and lots of unique international student care services available to help you develop.

Chirag Karnawat

Chirag is currently studying at Geelong’s Deakin University where he is completing a Master of Construction Management (Professional). Since moving to Geelong, he has been actively involved in promoting Geelong to international students through his role as International Student Ambassador with Study Geelong. This role has provided him with many opportunities to connect, network and engage with other international students and the broader Geelong community, showcasing the city and surrounding region as a friendly place to live, learn and explore.

Luocheng Zhang (China)

Bachelor of Occupational Therapy (Honours), Deakin University

I am fortunate to study and live in Geelong, which is a nice and quiet city with friendly people, stunning surf beaches, and great heritage buildings. The benefits of studying and living in a regional area mean I can enjoy a more affordable and relaxing lifestyle, and I have more chance to immerse myself in the local community.

Luocheng Zhang is undertaking a Bachelor of Occupational Therapy (Honours) at Deakin University. Since arriving in Australia, he has immersed himself in his local community through volunteer roles at the local kindergarten, a rehabilitation centre and an organization that facilitates social activities for people with intellectual disabilities. Knowing the challenges that come with being an international student, Luocheng participates in a Students Help Students program at his university and he has also established a successful Wechat-based social media platform aimed at providing support and networking opportunities for Chinese students studying occupational therapy around the world.

Jasmine Shaikh (India)

Bachelor of Arts, Deakin University

Victoria will give you a sense of belonging, no matter where you come from. This state gives you the perfect chance to blend your rich culture and heritage while enjoying the lifestyle and education in a developed country, always keeping you feeling happy and content. The universities in Victoria, too, ensure that the students are never left behind.

Jasmine is currently studying a Bachelor of Arts at Deakin University in Geelong. She has volunteered with the Geelong Animal Welfare Society and provides literacy support at a local public primary school. She is passionate about education as a tool for social change and is hoping to pursue a Master of Education once her undergraduate studies are completed. Jasmine is an avid reader and her commitment to helping others was also demonstrated when she led a group of qualified hairdressers as they visited a charity and provided free haircuts for the visually impaired.

Ahmed Nada (Canada)

Doctor of Medicine, Deakin University

Do not ever think that you cannot make it, be accepted or succeed because since the first day I came, help was just next door. Each university has professionals that always provide support about future studies or mental health. They understand that the journey we are making is not an easy one … which is why they offer assistance at every stage.

Ahmed is a medical student at Deakin University’s Warrnambool Clinical School. Since moving to Australia three years ago, he has called Warrnambool his home and he has been an active part of his local community. Alongside his medical studies, Ahmed volunteers at the Teddy Bear Hospital, which visits regional and rural schools and discusses healthy living. He is also working with his former university in Canada to help encourage and support students who are looking to continue their medical studies in regional locations across Australia. He is also a keen cricket fan and helps organize the Morphett Cup, an annual cricket game between students and consultants.