Yavuz is a Study Melbourne Ambassador. Study Melbourne has 15 international student and alumni ambassadors for 2019. During their time as ambassadors, they regularly share insights and experiences to help international students have a great experience while studying here in Victoria.

The fool-proof guide to an excellent university experience

By Yavuz Yilmazoglu

I am one of the lucky international students that has experienced two universities in Melbourne over the past two years and I am having the time of my life.

After doing a Graduate Diploma in International Community Development at Victoria University, I am now studying Master of International Journalism at the University of Melbourne. It has been a great experience - I wouldn’t have been successful if I didn’t make use of on-campus facilities. Here are a few tips for you.

Don’t miss the on-campus orientation!

Depending on your education provider, orientation may be a day or a full week with multiple events. When you arrive at your institution, the check out the orientation events. They are the ‘wisdom pills’ you swallow once to get familiar with your study environment, extracurricular activities and the services on-campus.

On the Orientation Day at Victoria University, I found out about volunteering at V4U Day which is a day for all students to team up and volunteer for the local community.

This is where I ended up first!  On stage, dancing…

Yavuz Yilmazoglu

The spotlights on stage and action Photo: FB VU Student Life

Join clubs and make friends…

Studying can be tough especially when you are working on your assignments towards strict deadlines or preparing for your examinations. You are not alone! It is one of the best things to explore what clubs are available on campus to meet like-minded students. There are so many options from politics to culture, food to sports. At the University of Melbourne, my favourite is the Cider Appreciation Society. Can you imagine how good it feels to have your cider in a glass full of ice and catching up with your friends?

Yavuz Yilmazoglu

It is important to have a serious work meeting with your colleagues Photo: Yavuz Yilmazoglu

Make a librarian friend!

We spend so much time in the library to keep up with our studies. Believe me, the libraries are much more than just a place for quiet study but places where you can get academic support. Your librarian is the gatekeeper to the wealth of knowledge and all other wonders of the library. You can get all the tips of accessing the best information for your assignments, how to write your references, great ways to write your own thoughts or analysing others’ in your writing without falling into to the plagiarism trap. Your librarian can make all this happen. One of the great ways to meet librarians is to follow the library events calendar. I am sure there is an event for you this semester to make a librarian friend.

Keep yourself healthy

It is very important to keep healthy physically. It starts at home and continues on-campus. We have so much to cover during the semester. Keeping up with the readings, thinking critically and writing academically… Right! None of them happens, unless we are consistently healthy. My formula is simple ‘SEE Well’! Sleep, Eat, Exercise well…It is fine to have a few sleepless nights to study but don’t make a habit of it. Having a good diet will help you become more energetic and you will spot the facilities on campus to heat up your own food. I am not a good cook but I make sure that I have at least one meal with my boiled veggies every day. Exercise is also an important part of the formula and if you don’t have the time to join the gym, walk! Avoid lifts and escalators on campus and walk everywhere.

Study Well

We want you to have a great experience as an international student in Melbourne Victoria. Our Study Well section shares some ways to stay balanced and healthy.

Two male friends talking on university campus

Make use of career services on-campus

Your degree is preparing you for your career but you get plenty of opportunities to work on campus. It is important to get your resumes checked by the experts on campus or at the Study Melbourne Hub. You may have a lot of work experience or none, but what really matters is how you structure your resume to communicate with the potential employers in Australia and your institution may be your employer to kick off your Aussie career. Sign up for career updates and wait for the best position to apply for. This is how I ended up working on campus at the University of Melbourne’s Contact Centre where I interact with not only my fellow students but also people who are interested in the University from Australia and overseas.

Finally, don’t be shy about asking for help!

A genuine smile goes a long way and it’s an icebreaker for any conversation. Ask questions! Talk to your lecturers, your student support team members, your friends and the person sitting next you in class. It is not all about your studies, the whole university experience counts.

Yavuz Yilmazoglu

Having fun is at the heart of what we do as international students Photo: Diego Ernesto Cifuentes

About the author

With a background in international education management and having moved to Melbourne to study journalism, Yavuz is looking forward to sharing his expertise in international education with other students. He has a passion for photography, videography and writing. Meet the 2019 Study Melbourne Student Ambassadors.

Yavuz Yilmazoglu