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By Zonghao Lihao

Gippsland is located in the south-eastern part of Victoria and it covers a huge area of the state. Gippsland is generally broken down into East Gippsland, South Gippsland, West Gippsland and Latrobe Valley. Living in Gippsland is very different compared to living in the bustling city, it’s very peaceful and slow. One great aspect about country towns is that you can get an amazing sense of community. Country towns in Gippsland usually has a good social life, centred around the local sporting clubs, where people come together to watch the game but also catch up with each other. Gippsland also has the most unspoilt and undeveloped coastlines, vast and pristine rainforests, whether if you enjoy surfing or a walk in the mythical forests, Gippsland is the place to go.

The social aspect of Gippsland

One of best thing about rural and regional Victoria is the sense of community. Locals love their sports, so the sporting clubs is the go-to social place, where everyone comes together, whether to watch the game or catch with one another. Locals are also not strangers to the finer things, art and cultural festival go all year round. Almost every town has Saturday and Sunday markets, where you can buy second hand goods and fresh produce. If you’re looking for a place to buy a huge range of fresh fruit and vegetables, farmers markets is where it all happens. The Moe annual bonfire is also a huge event in Latrobe Valley, people of all ages from across Latrobe Valley come together to enjoy rides, a petting zoo and fireworks synchronised to the music. Gippsland might seem to be quiet and slow, but the community try their best to make the place lively place to live and visit.

Places to visit in Gippsland

From outer Melbourne, all the way to the eastern-most point of Victoria. Gippsland is full of picturesque landscapes, breathtaking national parks, miles and miles of unspoilt coastlines and vast and pristine forests. One of the great places to visit in Gippsland is Wilsons Promontory - one of the most loved places of Victoria. Located at the southernmost point of Australia, it has everything you’re looking for in a national park. Open forests, smooth beaches and exciting bushwalks. It’s also a very popular camping spot, bring your friends to enjoy the amazing starry nights that Victoria has to offer. Tarra Bulga national park is another great option – located in South Gippsland and famous for its giant Mountain Ash trees, it also offers waterfalls and of course relaxing bushwalks. One of the famous attractions of the park is the Corrigan’s suspension bridge, which crosses the canopy of the rain forest. The park is great example of original cool temperature rainforests of the Strzelecki Ranges.

Tips when vising Gippsland

  • If you love long walks along the beach, Nighty-mile beach - it’s a must-visit.
  • Drive if you can - driving in Gippsland is a great way to enjoy the breathtaking scenery.
  • Follow the Gippsland food and wine trail to enjoy the freshest seafood and wine.
  • Explore different Gippsland lakes - boating is a great way to enjoy the lakes that Gippsland has to offer.
  • If you never tried fruit picking, you can visit one of many farms in Gippsland to try out new things and enjoy fresh food.

About the author

Lihao grew up in China but has spent the past decade living in Gippsland. Having recently relocated to Melbourne for university, Lihao is looking forward to gaining invaluable leadership skills, making new friends and continuing to explore Victoria’s regional areas. Meet the 2019 Study Melbourne Student Ambassadors.

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