On Friday 15 December 2017, Study Melbourne hosted its first Study Melbourne Graduation Ball at the iconic Plaza Ballroom, an underground mansion, right in the heart of Melbourne.

Guests from 34 countries and 17 Victorian education institutions, along with friends and family, enjoyed a gourmet award-winning meal, multicultural entertainment and professional red-carpet photography.

The event was designed to provide international students the opportunity to celebrate their academic and extra-curricular successes while studying here in Victoria, and make lasting memories with new and old friends they’ve made along their student journey.

The Plaza Ballroom

The Plaza Ballroom dancefloor

The Plaza Ballroom dancefloor

What people said

“As an international student, I got the opportunity to attend this Study Melbourne event. It’s a very good event and has allowed me to meet and network with other international students from different universities.” – Chetan Panchal (India), Victoria University

It feels fantastic to be here. It’s a wonderful event.” – Victoria Eddy (Indonesia), RMIT University

“This event was a great opportunity for international students to network and meet a lot of friends.” – Yu-Chi Huang (Taiwan), RMIT University

“It was amazing. It was a good opportunity to meet so many old friends as well as new friends. This occasion was so special, it was wonderful.” – Qinghua Lin (China), RMIT University

See what happened at the glamorous Study Melbourne Graduation Ball

International students from all over the world celebrated the end of 2017 at the Study Melbourne Graduation Ball. See more videos like this on the Study Melbourne YouTube channel.

Study Melbourne really cares about our well-being as international students, most importantly they know how important it is to have some fun once in a while, we can't study all the time. Personally, I am highly impressed how well international students are treated in this city and in this country. I feel like I have been living here my whole life

– Magdalena Opalinska (Poland), Southern Cross University Melbourne campus

Magdalena Opalińska and Michal Zarzycki