Video transcript


My name is Allana Robertson the company I worked for is called the wild wildlife fund. my role consisted of essentially being an intern.

What did you love most about your placement?

What I loved most about my placement was the connections I made with the people there. There were a group of other interns working there at the same time as me and I was able to make friends with them and they took every opportunity to show me the beautiful city of Beijing which was an experience that I will always treasure.

Favourite thing about living in China?  

My favourite thing about living in China…It’s so hard to pick one thing, the food is definitely up there because it’s so delicious, obviously the workplace because it was one of the most valuable experiences of my life and the people as well. That sounds very general but being foreign and coming into a country and not speaking the language, I always found that the people would go out there way to help you.

Would you recommend the program to other students?

I would definitely recommend this program to anyone who is thinking of doing it. It’s a great opportunity to improve your communication skills, to immerse yourself in a different culture which is something that is absolutely essential if you’re pursuing becoming a global citizen