Video transcript


Hi my name is Josh, I worked at Relevant China and I worked as marketing intern.

Tell us about your role & experience at Relevant China

So my marketing role at Relevant China, primarily what I was tasked to do was to set up Relevant on all of the Western social media platforms. What I loved about my placement was the opportunity to work in a Chinese company that came with various insights and helped me develop my cross cultural awareness. My relationship with my colleague was quite friendly especially between my boss and I.

What did you love about living in China?

My favourite thing about living in China would definitely have to be the food. Being based in Chengdu you’re really spoiled for choice. My favourite place was just a noodle bar, really local, just round the corner from the dorms where I was living and I shared many noodle meals with all of my friends on the program there almost every night after work.

What are you taking away from this experience?

I feel more accomplished, I feel more confident and I have also made some fantastic friends who will be with me for the rest of my life which is incredibly rewarding and I really look forward to seeing what is next for everyone.