International Students! Have you ever felt lonely? Struggling to build networks? Are you finding it difficult to communicate due to the language barrier? If you answered yes to any of these questions, the Beyond Melbourne Ambassador Project might be able to help you out.

Supported by Study Melbourne and facilitated by OutBeyond, the Beyond Melbourne Ambassador Project (BMAP) aims to increase students’ confidence and build a number of key employability skills such as leadership, communication, creativity, and cross-cultural collaboration.

The past few months have been incredibly insightful and engaging for those who are involved in BMAP, especially for the international students who became the ambassadors of this project. Not only have they learned about different cultures from fellow ambassadors, but they have also been immersed in a learning process of developing different perspectives during the process of preparing and participating in previous BMAP cultural explorations to the Grampians and Cape Otway.

By joining us as a BMAP ambassador, you will be granted the opportunity to participate in our next 3 day/2 night cultural exploration trips to Mornington Peninsula (21 - 23 February 2020) and Phillip Island (13 - 15 March 2020).

You will also be given privileges to take part in a pre-departure employability workshop which had distinguished speakers who imparted much-needed knowledge and insights for you to “stand out from the crowd” and become job-ready. On the last day of your cultural exploration trip, there will be an invaluable chance for you to deliver post-trip presentations to showcase your experience and propose exciting ideas as a means of engaging more international students to visit the region.

There are a lot of exciting activities that you will do in our cultural explorations, as can be seen below:

  • For Mornington Peninsula: Mountain Biking, Sea Kayaking, Camping, Conservation Activity, Historical Sightseeing, Aboriginal Workshop, and Leadership Training
  • For Phillip Island: Mountain Biking, Surfing, Camping, Conservation Activity, Wildlife Tour, Aboriginal Workshop, and Leadership Training

At BMAP, we aspire to help you to make the most of your educational journey in Victoria. The interview is far from formal as we are just interested in getting to know you better. So you have absolutely nothing to worry about! As such, if you are ready to embark on this wonderful journey, create exciting memories, and broaden your connection with like-minded people from all over the world, click here to find out more and apply before the closing dates below.

Applications close at:

  • Monday 17 February 2020 (Phillip Island program)
  • Monday 3rd February 2020 (Mornington program)

The Beyond Melbourne Ambassador Project is supported through Study Melbourne's International Student Welfare Program.