In this series, “Study Melbourne Leadership Labs,” you will have the opportunity to connect with a community of motivated international students who are all studying in Melbourne (in person or online), learn exactly how this program will help you increase your leadership and employability skills and meet a range of amazing facilitators, panellists and guest speakers.

This Victorian Government initiative is Australia’s biggest student leadership program and is completely free to participate in. The program is designed to take you along the journey from seeing yourself as a leader to acting as a leader in your life and community.

Study Melbourne Leadership Labs Streams

  1. Stream 1 (May-July): The primary series, Study Melbourne Leadership Labs, contains 12 events where you will grow as an individual, develop your leadership skills, meet a network of peers and hear from a range of guest speakers. If you want to level-up as a leader, this is the series for you. RSVP to attend here
  2. Stream 2 (August-October): The second series, Study Melbourne Leadership Labs 4Impact, contains 12 events that are team based. If you are interested in creating a project to positively contribute to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals and upskill in innovation, creativity and teamwork, this is the series for you. RSVP to attend here