Study Melbourne Ambassador Lu Ngo sat down with mentors and mentees to reflect on what they have learned and gained from the Study Melbourne Leadership Labs Vietnam and Malaysia.

The successful six-week pilot program included over 400 attendees exchanging ideas, improving leadership skills and empowering each other in the journey to become true leaders.

Listen to the full episode with insights from our mentors (Lu Ngo, Chris Chew, Cheryl Nguyen) and our mentee (Minh Duc Nguyen).

Lu Ngo, Vietnam – Mentor, Study Melbourne Ambassador 2021

Lu is a Project Manager, Podcast Host and Lifelong Learner passionate about International Education, Technology, Entrepreneurship and Wellbeing.

Leadership Labs Vietnam & Malaysia is an incredible program by Study Melbourne for Melbourne's international students who seek to make meaningful connections and absorb the key insights for leadership development through learning and practising leadership skills, no matter where they are.

Chris Chew, Malaysia – Mentor

Graduated with his degree in International Business Student from Monash University, Chris has been working remotely for an overseas firm as a Business Analyst and is currently an aspiring Product Owner.

What I really gain is the enthusiasm from the mentees and their positivity. Being able to lead someone or talk with someone one on one would be able to help you to build up courage, confidence and public speaking.

Minh Duc Nguyen, Vietnam - Mentee

Minh is a second-year student studying Bachelor of Information Communication and Technology majoring in Network Technology at the Swinburne University of Technology. I love exploring new adventures and reading books so that I can gain more experience in the future.

I have connected with more than 12 mentors and each mentor has their own speciality that I admire [them] really much.

Sheryl Nguyen, Vietnam – Mentor

Sheryl Nguyen is a final year Bachelor of Nutrition Science student at Monash University and a STEM advocator. She is passionate about empowering people to create their own solutions. She actively fosters a culture of connectedness and appreciation, with a will to share learning with like-minded people.

The program provided an opportunistic medium to dive deeper into relationship building, communication and active listening skills. I've learned to tap into not only what is being said, but also what is unsaid, and that's when we start unfolding the conversation to a deeper level.

Our Study Melbourne Study Melbourne Hubs in Kuala Lumpur and Ho Chi Minh City have officially opened their doors to offshore students to stay connected with Melbourne. Visit our Study Hubs page for more information of their facilities and exciting programs.