Everyone has the right to feel safe. If you're in an area you're not sure about, or would like people to know where you are, here's some handy (and free!) apps to keep with you at all times.

On campus

Unisafe – The University of Melbourne

UniSafe is the official app of the Safer Community Program (SCP) at the University of Melbourne. The app was launched to educate staff, students and visitors to the University on ways they can enhance their personal safety and contribute to building a safe and secure environment. Students, staff and visitors can use the app to request a security escort to or from campus, and can also access information about campus security services, health services such as counselling, disability liaison and international student support. The app also includes tips on enhancing personal safety on campus, public transport, in cars, at home and ‘out and about’.

You can find more information about the University’s Safer Community Program on their website.

SafeZone – Deakin University

SafeZone is a free app for all Deakin University students and staff, that connects you directly to the Security team when you need help on campus.

The app makes it easier for you to contact the Security team and helps them to respond if you need assistance, by sending your name and location directly to the response team members. Deakin University's Security team monitors SafeZone 24 hours a day.

Safe@Swin – Swinburne University

Safe@Swin is the official app of the Safer Community Program for students and staff to access contact details for campus security guards, student support services, information on reporting emergencies and safety issues, personal safety tools and advice, campus maps and a range of services to make Swinburne a safer place for everyone.

VUSafe – Victoria University

VUSafe is the free, official mobile safety app of Victoria University. The app is packed with safety information, tools and features to keep you safe on campus including a silent alarm, safety notifications, first aid requests, VU shuttle bus tracker, virtual safe walk tracker, incident reporting, campus maps, emergency plans and support services both on and off campus.



Bugle is a free notification service for active people that lets your emergency contacts know if you don't check in when you expected to.


SafeTrek is a personal safety app for iOS and Android. Feeling scared? Open SafeTrek and hold your thumb on the safe button. Once you are safe, release the button and enter your 4 digit pin. In danger? Simply release the button and do not enter your pin. Your local police will be notified of your location and emergency.


bSafe is a personal safety app designed to keep you and your friends safer 24/7. It’s packed with features for both everyday safety and real emergencies, making it the ultimate safety tool.


VithU App lets a potential victim skip through the number-punching. With two simple clicks, you can let your guardians know about your current location during your time of need.


Kitestring checks up on you when you’re out and alerts your friends if you don’t respond. Reply to the message to check in. If you don’t check in, Kitestring sends your emergency contacts a personalised alert message.