Over the summer of 2016-17, a group of students studying at Swinburne University participated in the SummerTech LIVE pilot. Each tackled real-life projects, including a monitoring platform for an Electronic Business Messaging Exchange System, developed by LayerSecurity. Study Melbourne spoke with some of the students who participated.

Different points of view

Sebastian Slezak was one of the students selected for the program, while completing a Master of Engineering Science (Network Systems and Telecommunications) with Swinburne University. “The major value of SummerTech LIVE was gaining experience in a fast pacing real business project. That is of most importance, whereas learning new technologies, language and methodologies was secondary in the project but still valuable,” said Sebastian. “I learnt how to listen to others opinions, how to consider someone else point of view and how to work out a solution which would work for everyone. The technical skills I gained were important as well but I must admit, those skills provides just foundation for people skills which are most important in real projects.”

Practical work experience

Bachelor of Computer Science Muhammed Ibrahim Hussein was another student selected for the project. “This project gave me my first walking steps in the industry, and I would highly recommend this program," said Ibrahim. "I was able to learn new technologies and gain valuable experience which is beneficial for my career. In terms of value, I am now 10 times better as a developer than when I was at the beginning of the project." “Students who have no prior industry experience (like me) will find these projects giving them the necessary skills and discipline required by the industry with almost no consequences.”

Find out more

SummerTech LIVE is a Victorian Government initiative matching the digital technology needs of Victorian businesses with innovative tertiary students to solve problems over the summer. Students looking to improve their professional skills and gain experience solving real world problems via digital solutions are encouraged to sign up for SummerTech LIVE via their education institute. Swinburne University students were supervised by A/Professor Antony Tang at Swinburne University’s School of Software and Electrical Engineering. For more information, please contact Kelly Hutchinson via kelly.hutchinson@ecodev.vic.gov.au or helen.paraskevopoulos@ecodev.vic.gov.au