SummerTech LIVE matches the digital technology needs of Victorian businesses with innovative tertiary students to solve technology problems and support digital economic transformation. The program operates as a paid 10-12-week studentship, during the students’ summer break.

SummerTech LIVE program for Round Three will focus on engaging regional education partners and attracting more regional SMEs and students.

Students have the opportunity to partner with businesses and educators to:

  • create innovative projects
  • develop job-ready skills
  • deliver technology-related solutions
  • improve their employability outcomes.

How does SummerTech LIVE work?

Over the course of 10 to 12 weeks, students work through real-world business problems with their expert supervisors and small businesses in Victoria.

Who is SummerTech LIVE for?

  1. Students: Jump into the job market as a SummerTech LIVE student
  2. Business: Got a tech problem challenge? Solve it with SummerTech LIVE
  3. Educators: Partner with business via a SummerTech LIVE project

Find out more about SummerTech LIVE

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