Temitope is a Study Melbourne Ambassador. Study Melbourne has 22 international student and alumni ambassadors for 2018. During their time as ambassadors, they regularly share insights and experiences to help international students have a great experience while studying here in Victoria. 

Poetry inspired by Melbourne and Victoria

By Temitope Adebowale

These two poems are dedicated to all the transient and long-term migrants here in Melbourne and Victoria who have been able to live their life like they have always dreamed of but couldn’t in their home country.

Melbourne, the city of dreams

In a world of almost eight billion people
It is easy to feel lost, to feel small
To feel unsure, to feel discouraged
But in this majestic city of more than four million
Called Melbourne
You are free to live your dreams

Melbourne, a micro-United Nations
Where culture blends into one other
Living side by side
Our hearts beating together as one
Powering the dreams of our fore-bearers on
While we chart our own course

A place for opportunity
Melbourne beckons unto you
Rise to the call for you won’t be alone
The Southern Cross is there to guide you

Follow that path
For the rewards are high
For the dreams, you have always dreamed
Will become everyday life

I know of a place

I know of a place where cultures melt into one
Where opportunities abound
And dreams become reality

I know of a place where tourists travel through
Just like the Yarra
A Thousand Steps before you
Another million behind you

Mount Buller calls on you in winter
Warrnambool promises you a whale of sites
Ballarat challenges you to find gold
Great Ocean Road provides sights of greenery and golden beaches

Places for endless adventure
To pleasure your quest in travelling the roads well-travelled
Or in you beginning your voyages of discovery
From the bustling CBD, to the tranquil Healesville
From the top of the Wonga*, to the low-lying Shepparton Plains
In Melbourne, you shall live your dreams
In Victoria, you shall leave your footprints

It is a place that calls all without judgment
Where friendships are made
Friendships that will last a life time or two
Expanding beyond borders and time
Beyond countries and cultures

Melbourne, etched in our hearts
Impressed unto our soul
It has and will always be a special place
And a second home

Answer the call
And your boundaries will be broken
And the memories will reward you forever

international student ambassador temitope with a view from the Great Ocean Road

Temitope exploring the scenic Great Ocean Road

* The Aboriginal Boonwurrung name for Arthurs Seat is Wonga

About the author

Tope has embraced all that is involved with being an international student in Melbourne and wants to continue to immerse himself in the Australian culture. Tope has a passion for writing memoirs and poems, trying new foods, travelling in regional Victoria and sharing his journey with new people. Meet all the Study Melbourne Student Ambassadors.

Temitope Adebowale