Tell us a little bit about yourself and your achievements to date.

I'm the co-founder and managing director of the Not-for-Profit Organisation ‘Story is Connection,’ the founder of ‘Feifei Curiosity,’ co-founder of 'Co-Inventors,' project officer of Whittlesea International Student Wellbeing Hub at City of Whittlesea, and project officer for the PACE leadership program at the Multicultural Centre for Women's Health.

Feifei Liao

What are your goals for the future? 

My goals for the future are to:

  • Support disadvantaged individuals to unleash their full life and career potential
  • Produce more live dance, theatre performances that allows anyone to express themselves and share their authentic stories and feelings
  • Advocate more for intercultural cohesion, arts industry, equality, environment sustainability, etc
  • Support the UN's Sustainable Development Goals in different ways
  • Smash the stigma of mental health and develop more programs to support people’s mental health
  • Produce socially influential films: dance, documentary, short films, movie, etc
  • Publish personal and collective poetry books
  • Be the champion in placemaking and community activation space

What is the most useful advice you ever received when you faced a challenging time as an international student?

Always remember why and how I started and did what I did. Going back with my original heart.

What is your advice to students who want to build their opportunities for graduate positions when they finish their course?

Be committed, passionate, and take actions to do what you want to do. Be authentic and think about how to add value to whatever you are pursuing. Be curious and be willing to learn and improve all the time. Preparing and building up opportunities before you finish your course.

How have you gone about making new friends and building your networks in Victoria?

I go for what I like and always explore something new. I commit to things I like and share with others authentically. Both my friends circle and professional network have been expanding rapidly because people enjoy my company, my positive energy, and authenticity. I’m truly and genuinely interested in the people I’m making friends with and networking with.

Do you have any words of advice or encouragement for students who are thinking about studying in Victoria?

You need to explore and find your own way. There’s no one shoe that fits all. Don’t try to fit in either. Be confident about your own colour and identity. Life, career, anything can be challenging. But nothing is perfect. Never underestimate your potential or resilience. Ask for help whenever you need it. You’ll be surprised how much support you’ll get and how many people are willing to support you. And there are so many possibilities in life and career, don’t make your conclusion too early! Be curious!