Tell us a little bit about yourself and your achievements to date

Hi, I'm Josh! I have a double degree in Commerce (Marketing) and Arts (Politics and Policy) and I’m currently completing an honours year. I really like to spend time with friends, meet new people and travel around the world.  Recently, I had the privilege of travelling to Dublin for the 2019 Global Undergraduate Awards summit. I got to present my work and engage with other winners from around the world. It was fantastic to meet new people and make new friends. I also served as Deakin's first New Colombo Plan Ambassador. It was a fantastic opportunity to offer my support to the Deakin community.

What are your goals for the future?

For the future, I am interested in pursuing a career in marketing or government. I really like the idea of both. After graduating from honours, I hope to find a role that presents interesting challenges or projects that are communication-orientated and involve working collaboratively with others. My goals are broard, simply because you never know what opportunity is around the corner! After a few years working in my career, I hope to return to study for a master’s degree and take my career to the next level. 

Why are you excited about being a Study Melbourne Student Ambassador?

I am really excited to be a support for students studying in Victoria. Travelling overseas and beginning a new life in a foreign city can be a daunting thought. Though, Melbourne is such a vibrant, unique and welcoming city. It's a great place to live, forge a career and, of course, study!  I'm really keen to support international students because I'm passionate about helping others and I'm passionate about Melbourne. It's a fantastic place to live. 

What is your favourite place to hang out with friends in Melbourne?

An easy one – definitely Bar Margaux near Parliament Station. It's a quirky bar hidden away, down below the streets of Melbourne. They serve fantastic drinks, have a fresh selection of wines (including French ones) and they also serve fantastic food. It's a great vibe. I go there regularly with the same group of friends for a catch up and a few laughs.  Another plus if you enjoy the fancy perks in life – they serve free sparkling water! Drink as much as you like!

What is your advice to students who want to build their opportunities for graduate positions when they finish their course?

Get involved and ask lots of questions. I started with my university – consulting with careers advisers, getting tips and feedback, attending employment events and meeting industry professionals. From unit convenors to the industry – they are all there to help you and to find the next generation of talent. If you're putting yourself out there, you'll find the coaching and answers you need.