Each year more than 220,000 international students from over 170 countries choose to come to Victoria to study. Study Melbourne is a Victorian Government initiative that provides support and information to international students to help them have the best possible experience while living and studying in Victoria as well as promote Victoria as a high-quality study destination.

Terms and conditions

Please take a moment to read our guidelines and terms and conditions before formally applying for our Study Melbourne Ambassador Program. If you have any questions regarding these terms and conditions, please email us at info@studymelbourne.vic.gov.au.


Who can apply

Tertiary students who meet the following criteria are invited to apply to the Study Melbourne Ambassador Program 2020:

  • Are at least 18 years old and
  • Are an international student enrolled in a Victorian tertiary institution in 2020 (must have at least one year left of study); or
  • Are an Australian student enrolled in a Victorian tertiary institution in 2020 (must have at least one year left of study); or
  • Are an international student graduate who has remained in Victoria post-study.

Ambassador responsibilities

  • Attending an induction session at the start of the program.
  • A minimum five hours per month of volunteer time from March to December 2020.
  • Contributing to Study Melbourne channels, which can include written articles, videos and social media content.
  • Participating in photo and video shoots and Study Melbourne events.
  • Providing insights and recommendations for Study Melbourne initiatives and planning.
  • Participating in professional development and (optional) leadership development sessions.

The program of activities for application and successsful ambassadors is as follows:

  • 9 February 2020 – Applications close at 5pm AEDT
  • Week commencing 24 February 2020 – Group interviews with shortlisted applicants
  • 2 March 2020 – Successful and unsuccessful applicants are notified
  • Thursday 5 March 2020 – Study Melbourne Welcome Event
  • Week commencing 9 March 2020 - Ambassador Induction session (full day)
  • March-December 2020 ­– Ambassador Program

Requirements of the program


Your involvement in the Study Melbourne Ambassador Program is dependent on the capacity you have to fulfil the requirements and duties of an Ambassador, as determined by Study Melbourne from time to time. This includes the ability to communicate, lead, engage and provide benefit to the Study Melbourne community.


The commitment required for the Study Melbourne Ambassador Program is a minimum of five hours per month from March 2020 through to the conclusion of 2020. The program requires its Ambassadors to be located in Victoria until the end of 2020 . Throughout the ten-month period there will be several events and professional development (PD) sessions for ambassadors to attend. It is a requirement that you attend a minimum of 80 per cent of all related events. If you are unable to attend, you are required to give at least three working days’ notice to info@studymelbourne.vic.gov.au.

Social influence

For Study Melbourne to maximise exposure of your involvement in the program, appropriately credit you for content and monitor online activity in relation to the program, it is a requirement that you supply us with all your public social media links and handles.

Study Melbourne Ambassador Program 2020 terms & conditions

These terms and conditions govern the applicant’s (“Applicant/ You/ Your”) application and, if accepted, participation in Study Melbourne’s Ambassador Program (“the Program”) conducted by the State of Victoria as represented by Study Melbourne (“Study Melbourne/ We/ Us” / “Our”), which is more particularly described in the Study Melbourne Ambassador Program 2020 Guidelines (“Guidelines”).

You agree that Your application and, if accepted, Your participation in the Program is subject to these terms and conditions between You and Study Melbourne, to the exclusion of all other prior communications, agreements and understandings relating to Your activities as a Study Melbourne Ambassador (“Ambassador”). If You do not unconditionally accept these terms and conditions, You shall not be eligible to participate in the Program.

We may update and change any or all of these terms and conditions from time to time in Our sole discretion. We will inform You of such changes to these terms and conditions by email. Your continued participation in the Program after notification shall constitute Your acceptance of such changes. It is Your sole responsibility to ensure that We have Your current email address.

These Terms should be read in conjunction with Study Melbourne’s Privacy Policy available at https://www.studymelbourne.vic.gov.au/about-study-melbourne/privacy and its Copyright Policy available at https://www.studymelbourne.vic.gov.au/about-study-melbourne/copyright.

Role description

The role of Study Melbourne Ambassadors

The role of an Ambassador is to help to create a rich and supportive community for current and prospective international students in Victoria. As part of the Program, it is anticipated that Ambassadors will gain valuable leadership and marketing skills, and develop a social following while enhancing and building the Study Melbourne community. Ambassadors are required to:

  • support Study Melbourne’s online and offline communities globally in order to drive engagement in existing and emerging international education markets;
  • support the growth of Study Melbourne, building long-term relationships with students who study and have studied in Victoria; and
  • support the growth of Study Melbourne’s community and social channels.

Selection of Study Melbourne Ambassadors

  1. Up to thirty (30) 2020 Study Melbourne Ambassadors will be appointed for the period March 2020 to December 2020 to participate in the Program. Ambassadors will be approved by Us from eligible applications received by 9 February 2020. No warranty or representation is made that Your application will be approved
  2. If you are approved to participate in the Program as an Ambassador, you will be notified by email. Approval of Ambassadors is at Our absolute discretion and We reserve the right to not approve any application without being obliged to discuss the reasons for doing so.

Proof of eligibility

  1. As part of the online application You will be asked to supply supporting documentation to evidence Your enrolment (or previous enrolment, for alumnus) at a Victorian educational institution. Such evidence can include current or past student ID card, proof of enrolment or graduation certificate (if applicable).

Requirements of the Program

  1. Ambassadors are required to fulfil the Ambassador Responsibilities described in the Program Guidelines to the best of their ability exercising reasonable care and skill. You represent that You can fulfil the requirements of an Ambassador, as described in the Program Guidelines including in relation to the “Ambassador Responsibilities”, “Capability”, “Commitment” and “Social influence”.

Adoption of the Program’s core values

  1. Ambassadors are required to conduct themselves in accordance with the Program’s core values, which are to: (1) lead with humility; (2) respect every person; (3) exercise commitment; and (4) embrace diversity.

Participation in the Program is voluntary

  1. Ambassadorships are volunteer-based opportunities and shall in no way be deemed to constitute You as an agent or employee of Study Melbourne and You will not have any authority to incur and must not incur any obligation or make or purport to make any representation on behalf of Study Melbourne, unless with Our prior written approval to do so. We do encourage You, however, to publicly disclose your involvement in the Program as an Ambassador (both online and offline), including by adding the title “Study Melbourne Ambassador” to your Twitter bio and LinkedIn profile, so that people can connect with You.
  2. No representation or warranty is made by Us as to the benefits to You of participating in the Program. No remuneration, reimbursement or other payment will be made to You as part of Your participation in the Program.

Conduct of Ambassadors

By accepting the role of an Ambassador, You will be agreeing that in Your application and in connection with Your Ambassadorship:

(What Ambassadors must do) You will:

  1. ensure that any information You provide to Study Melbourne is true and correct;
  2. act in accordance with the Program Guidelines (including online and offline);
  3. act in accordance with any applicable third-party terms and conditions (for example any relevant terms and conditions applied by the operator of a social media platform); and
  4. advocate on Study Melbourne’s behalf.

(What Ambassadors must not do) You will not:

  1. publish or disseminate false or misleading information; or
  2. do any act or engage in any conduct which may bring the Program or Study Melbourne into disrepute.

Creation and use of imagery/video and content as part of the Program

  1. You warrant to Us that You are entitled to use and deal with any intellectual property rights which may be used by You in connection with the Program.

Approval of Content

  1. All content created by You as an Ambassador including without limitation stories, commentary, imagery, video and audio content (“Content”) must be submitted to Us for Our review and approval before publication. If requested by Us, You agree to remove or modify Content that You publish as part of Your Ambassadorship to comply with applicable laws and government policy.


  1. You must ensure that Your role as an Ambassador is clearly disclosed when endorsing Our services or publishing any Content as an Ambassador.

Intellectual Property Rights

  1. The ownership of any Content and intellectual property rights therein, including copyright, neighbouring rights, registered and unregistered trademarks and all other proprietary rights resulting from intellectual activity in the literary or artistic fields, (“Content Intellectual Property”) shall vest in You upon the time of its creation.
  2. You hereby irrevocably and unconditionally grant to Us, free of charge, a, non-exclusive, worldwide, perpetual, transferable licence (including the right to sublicense) to use, reproduce, adapt, modify, publish, distribute and communicate any Content Intellectual Property for any purpose of the State except commercial exploitation. You consent to the Content Intellectual Property being used in a manner that would, but for this consent, breach Your moral rights. The licence provided in this clause 5.5 will survive the termination or expiration of the Program.

Use as part of the Program

  1. For the avoidance of doubt, all Content may be used online and offline and may be shared by Study Melbourne on Our social and digital channels. This may also be used for promotional activity in the future. Further, any images or video footage compiled at Study Melbourne events may also be shared online and offline for promotion of Study Melbourne’s services and the Program. Promotional channels that content may be used for are inclusive of, but not limited to, the following: (1) Study Melbourne social channels; (2) targeted Facebook advertising; (3) Study Melbourne website; (4) Study Melbourne newsletter; (5) Study Melbourne working group; (6) Study Melbourne Student Centre (physical collateral); (6) Study Melbourne email signature; (7) City of Melbourne International Student Newsletter; (8) City of Melbourne International Student Facebook Page; (9) International student newsletters; (10) Victorian educational institutions (11) Student Accommodation Providers; (12) Study in Australia; (13) Local media including Regional Victoria.

Release and Indemnity

  1. Study Melbourne will not be liable for any loss (including, without limitation, any consequential or indirect loss), cost or damage, personal injury or death which is suffered (whether or not due to the negligence of any person) in connection with Your participation in the Program, except for any liability which cannot be excluded by law (and, if so, that liability is limited to the minimum permitted by law).
  2. You release and indemnify Us and Our officers and employees from and against liability for or in respect of any physical injury to persons (including death), damage, loss or expense in so far as the injury, damage, loss or expense is attributable to action or omission of You in connection with Your participation in the Program. This indemnity and release will survive the termination or expiration of the Program.


  1. From time to time, We may disclose to You confidential information regarding Our business, membership and services (“Confidential Information”). You agree that such Confidential Information is and will remain the property of Study Melbourne. You agree that You will not disclose Confidential Information without Our consent, and will not use any Confidential Information, except:
    1. for any purpose other than in the pursuit of Your activities as an Ambassador;
    2. where the information disclosed is already in the public domain other than due to a breach of this Agreement; or
    3. where the disclosure is required by Law.

    and the obligations in this Confidentiality clause will survive the termination or expiration of the program.


  1. The collection, use and disclosure of Your personal information in connection with Your application and the Program is subject to Study Melbourne’s Privacy Policy. Your image, name, role as Ambassador (if applicable) and social media information may and can be publicised online. This allows for collaboration across regions and for Ambassadors, Study Melbourne followers and Study Melbourne representatives to connect with You in Your capacity as an Ambassador. Additionally, We maintain an internal database of names, email addresses, phone numbers and mailing addresses of our Ambassadors. This is shared with Study Melbourne and authorised contractors and agents only  . Please read Study Melbourne’s privacy policy available at www.studymelbourne.vic.gov.au/about-study-melbourne/privacy for additional information on how We handle your personal information.
  2. You agree that You will not have the right to review or preapprove the use of Your image as part of the Program and that You will not make any claim for payment or fees in relation to the use of Your image and release Study Melbourne, its employees and agents from any liability arising out of such use.
  3. When participating in the Program You agree to be bound by the Study Melbourne Privacy Policy in the same way and to the same extent as Study Melbourne is bound.

Termination of Ambassadorship

  1. (Expiry) Except for any provisions which are expressed to survive the termination or expiry of the Program, Your Ambassadorship (if applicable) and these terms and conditions will automatically expire on 31 December 2020.
  2. (Termination by Study Melbourne) At any point, for any reason and without advanced notice, We may terminate Your Ambassadorship with immediate effect by providing you with notice of termination via email. Without limiting the foregoing:
  3. any breach of these terms and conditions or failure to fulfil the Ambassador Requirements will result in immediate termination of Your Ambassadorship; and
  4. We may terminate this agreement, by providing written notice to You, if in Our reasonable opinion, continued association with You may bring Study Melbourne or the State into disrepute.
  5. (Termination by Ambassador) At any point and for any reason, You may choose to terminate Your Ambassadorship with immediate effect by providing Us with notice of termination via email.

Effects of termination or expiration of Ambassadorship

  1. Immediately upon termination or expiry of Your Ambassadorship, the title of Ambassador shall be revoked and you must stop using the title of Ambassador and must not present yourself as being affiliated with the Program or Study Melbourne in any way other than as a user of Study Melbourne services. In addition, you must remove and cease to use all trade names, trademarks, logos, and other brand features of Study Melbourne on your online and offline profiles and materials as soon as reasonably practicable.

Email communication

  1. All communication from Us to You regarding Your application and, if successful, participation in the Program will be via the email address You provide in Your application (or any updated address Your notify to Us). If Your email address changes, You must immediately advise Us, so that Your address can be updated. You consent to receive all email messages We send You as part of Your participation in the Program. All email messages will be taken to be received by You within 2 business days of Our computer recording that transmission to Your email address was successful.

Ready to apply?

Visit the Study Melbourne Ambassador program page to read more about the program and apply.